Friday, December 15, 2017

In Lust With.... Irish Haven

Over the years of me doing this category, I have spotlighted a variety of hot guys that I've come to know of from a variety of ways. Porn actors and models through various instances of web surfing. a couple of whom I've interacted with personally, and some have been just pure targets of fantasy. But this one is different. For he's the first "In Lust With...." stud to come to me via Instagram.

I'm sure many have experienced this:
You get a notification on your smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet telling you that you have a new social media follower. Especially if there's either no thumbnail, or the thumbnail is too small, your 1st response to yourself is, "Who the fuck is this?". So you're prepared to see someone creepy when you click on that notification.

Well, imagine my response to my own question when I got such a notification from Irish Haven, then see pics like these:

So who the fuck is this? At 6'4" and a juicy bubble butt like that....I can say that he's a stud I want towering over me in missionary. So I can live out all that I say in my poem "The Bottoming Ass-Man's Missionary".

Too bad Irish Haven is in Australia. And for that reason, I am mixing his Instagram pics and videos with my imagination (and maybe even a sex toy or two) to create some hot fantasies.

1 comment:

  1. Not bad, not bad. Booty, mad look in those eyes... YASS! :)

    Hugs from me, Fit Studs


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