Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Booty Almighty Tastes The Rainbow

If you've been following me long enough, you might recall about 5 years ago on a Sea Tea cruise, an incident happened where it may have been insinuated that my ass was fake like that of some gay pornstars. I still get compliments on my butt today, but some still border on that insinuation. So it was easy to have enough of a flashback to that evening (and others since) to write my poem, "Booty Almighty" as a fired-up, but kinda sexy response.

Well, now you get a chance to see this ass in action. I used an 8" dildo rainbow-colored dildo to be symbolic of all of the colors of skin that make up the human race, I made this video as a means to make a statement to counter the "preference" plaguing our community that is really colorism and sexual racism.

So I took Skittles advice and allowed my ass to taste the rainbow. And I think we all should indulge in that pleasures of the rainbow. The skin rainbow, and without fetishizing a single color in it. Enjoy and have a blast.

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