Sunday, January 24, 2016

Inside Jack

Lately, all of my XTube videos have been of me masturbating. The twist is that I give you a view of the masturbating not from the traditional view of me sitting there with my dick in my hand, or putting it in a stroker. Instead, I give a view from inside the toy.

There aren't a lot of videos that do this. So trust me when I tell you, it's a process to make that shot happen. It was even more of a process this time around because all of the other toys have a big hole to work with. This masturbation sleeve however, Jack by VēDO, has a very small hole.

With that said, I'm not giving away how I got the shot. Just enjoy this 95 seconds of me catering to all of you sexual geeks who like to see the inner-workings of sex.

Inside Jack powered by XTube

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