Monday, April 9, 2012

Not Bad For 41

This past Saturday, I conducted my 1st photoshoot since I turned 41....with me as BOTH, the model and photographer.

When trying to come up with a title for this collection, I decided on "Not Bad For 41", because the truth is as I said in introducing my poem "3-31-41", aging is considered a BIG "no-no" in the gay community. So I decided why not revel in how I got to be 41 because I survived my suicidal thoughts before I came to terms with my sexual orientation? Why not revel in how I maintained myself so well at 41? Because unlike a lot of 20-, 30-, 40-somethings and beyond that I have encountered, I'm not masking some still-existing self-loathing with alcohol, drugs, and excessive socializing (virtual or real world) the way they do. Part of it might be genetics, but another important part of why I look this good for my age is definitely lifestyle.

As a song to include in the slideshow, I chose "Daddy Pop" by Prince & The New Power Generation, because not only do the lyrics fit as a way to address the many haters I have, do, and will encounter, but by gay standards, by my being over 40, I am probably considered a "daddy".

Well, this "daddy" has still got it. Better than a great many young 'uns.
What do you think?

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