Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hook-up Sex Equations

I have always made clear that I don't have as much sex as people perceive me to have. At this point as least, between the specific mentions of a sex tryst via a sex tale here, a Facebook update, or tweet on Twitter, not much else is happening. I had to italicized the word "specific" because a good deal of my mentions of sex in those media settings are not based on a recent experience. Instead, they're based on a mere flashback that I've learned something new from.

With all that said, I think I need to make it clear about MY personal reasons and goals when I partake of a sexual hook-up. And also what I've observed of most other people's reason for partaking in them. So click and enlarge the pic below. You might see yourself. So I ask you: 

Does the equation YOU are following make TRUE happiness possible? 


  1. thanks LeNair, I couldn't agree more. I rarely 'hook up', I do try to meaningfully connect with people. The mental energy you refer to goes beyond what I've always called "chemistry". I also find that all five senses need to be engaged for a good connection.


  2. You guys are right. Hook-up that means nothing might feel not so great. But if you're mentally connected with a person it may take you higher than ever. I mean body as well as soul.


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