Friday, December 10, 2010

In Lust With....Trevor Adams

This "In Lust With...." may seem a bit odd coming from me. For if you take note of not only the subjects of past "In Lust With...." posts, but also suitors in tales of my sexscapades, you rarely read of me with someone who has a bodybuilder's physique. Well, you know what they say, "Rules are meant to be broken". But on this blog, when you see a rule is broken, you know you're going to get an explanation as to why that "rule" was broken.

So what is it that exactly has me so in lust with the ever-so-muscular fitness model, Trevor Adams?

Initially, it was a photo I saw of him wet wearing a pair of black speedos with his ass to the camera. It was a pic that had everything that I love to see on a guy - he was HOT & GLISTENING, has an AWESOME body, and an AMAZING ass.

But what heightened my lust was to discover that unlike a lot of guys you see with that bodybuilder physique, Trevor Adams is actually flexible. You can imagine the raging hard-on I got when I saw this pic of him doing a back-bend. 
With all those muscles bulging and those a show of those pubes, I jerked-off to the fantasy of burying my face in them before working my way down to give him one of my high quality blowjobs. And if I get hair in my teeth, I wouldn't care, because it would be for a good cause....satisfying Trevor Adams.

And while we're on the subject of his cock, you all know I'm not a size-queen, but while your stereotypical bodybuilder is said to not have much, another draw to Trevor Adams is the fact that he seems to be packing pretty good there as well. 
Because what I notice with some bodybuilders is that their muscle also goes to make them have some muscle thick dicks. Muscle thick dicks that I will say that I'm quite intrigued by, and most of the few guys with bodybuilder physiques that I've been with have had one. And actually know how to use it.
 Speaking of using it, another draw to Trevor Adams is the thought of all that muscle thrusting onto my little ass. If I say that guys my build or a little bigger have pounded my ass, and made my lower glutes and upper thigh muscles hurt so good, then what do you think Trevor Adams would do to me? I may actually wind up walking funny for a couple of days....BUT do you really think I would mind?

Now, let me close with that ass. I think I've said before that I'm such an ass-man that a guy with a nice ass could fuck me just because of that ass alone. And Trevor Adams is no exception. I've also said here before and often, one thing I like about missionary position is being able to grope and massage a man's ass while I'm getting fucked. Well, I'm sure I can't grope Trevor's ass the way I would normally do a guy, because I'm sure it's all muscle. So much muscle that I have to settle for giving it only a massage. Wouldn't it be nice if I had the opportunity to find out for sure?

Now, please excuse me while I watch these videos and the other videos on his YouTube channel, so I can go to Fantasy Land. I suggest you do the same.

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