Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Bi?: Part 2 - Gay-4-Pay

Remember this from Part 1:
Here is my estimate based on my life experiences of encounters, innuendos (be they by conversation or art), and vibes that I have gotten from people: 25% TOTALLY straight, 25% TOTALLY gay, and 50% bisexual. And of that 50% bisexual, the majority are the opposite of me. Meaning they are predominately straight bisexuals. They may have sex with both genders, OR they may have sex with only the opposite sex, but that does not change the fact that they also have a sexual (not necessarily romantic) attraction to their own gender. Therefore, they can still be considered bisexual.

 Take note that someone's sexuality and sex acts are 2 different things. Someone's sexuality is their orientation, while a "sex act" is the act that shows that orientation is present in the person, but that act doesn't necessarily mean that it's their overall orientation (as I will elaborate on in Part 2).

Well, Part 2 is here, and I will elaborate as promised.

When I decided to write "Who Afraid Of The Big Bad Bi?", I thought back to all of my arguments against the "gay-for-pay" genre. I'm now realizing that these guys calling themselves "gay-for-pay" might not be totally their fault. Many of them are of the young age like I said in "Young, Career-Oriented...Dead Too Soon", who are eager to please their superiors, so against their better judgement and/or self-awareness of their orientation, they go along with what these ignorant porn producers and directors tell them to say about themselves.

And why would these porn producers/directors go this route? I believe it's because they are catering to the militant gays' attitude that not only doesn't accept bisexuality, but even worse accepts of the idea of "recruiting". No matter how much of a "happy proud gay face" they put on, in reality they hate their gay lives. So instead of accepting a straight man as straight and leave him be, scenarios are created so that producers/directors can get their egos stroked by saying that they've converted some straight guys to gay by paying them a few bucks. Sean CodyJet Set's Chris Steele, among others are notorious for this demented behavior, and porn patrons just as demented are the ones who eat it up.

It's demented since the desire to try making a straight guy go gay for all to see is:
(1)inhumane, as it treats a human being like a circus animal; and
(2) you not accepting a straight guy being straight, just as religious right-wingers won't accept your being gay. TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT!

Earlier, I said that the models calling themselves "gay-for-pay" might not totally be their fault. What makes it partly their fault is the fact that these are grown men, so they do have a choice to be true about their orientation, OR withhold information when doing an interview. Therefore, they have only themselves to blame when those of us evolved enough to accept their obvious bisexuality, want to get on their case when we hear them calling themselves "straight".

I say "obvious bisexuality" because "Gay-for-pay" actors, you're a MALE doing gay porn and/or escorting with male clients. Do the math regardless of how much Viagra you take:

Hard dick + Male ass + Straight porn watched PART or NONE of the time + Cumshot = You're obviously not 100% straight.

So if anything, the yellow-highlighted recall from Part 1 pertains to you.

My questions to these "gay-for-pay" models:
Are you that much of the stereotypical porn actor that you can't think to call yourself a "predominately straight bisexual", and that's why you can have sex with men, when your romantic relationships are with a woman? Does America's limiting thoughts about sexuality make it that hard to come up with that terminology? I mean, DUH. It's not that hard a term to come up with. All it takes is a little thought. Not much thought, just a little.

If these gay-for-pay models weren't so self-loathing, they could come up with calling themselves "predominately straight bisexuals", accept it within themselves, and not wind up taking their self-loathing out on somebody else by committing violent crimes. Do the names Marcus Allen, Nickolay Petrov, Mark Dalton, and (most recently) Addison ring a bell?
Take a good look. And make sure that you enlarge this picture to its original size. Because I want you to get a real good look at what lying to yourself to please others, and never coming to terms with who you are can get you.

Sex is a fun and beautiful act. However, it becomes an ugly chore with the "gay-for-pay" genre thanks to all of its players (be they producers, directors, performers, or patrons) and their diseased minds. I say "diseased" because at one time homosexuality was thought to be a mental disease. However, homosexuality is not the mental disease....DENIAL IS THE DISEASE. With these guys denying their bisexuality and the producers/directors enabling that denial, it is or has eaten them all alive in one way or another. A look at the lives of those pictured above is all you need as proof. And the producers and directors practically always look like hell themselves. Maybe at one time beautiful, and even with hitting the gym hard, the ugliness of their insides by going this route makes its way to the outside.

I LOVE  BEING A BI GUY! And since I'm not afraid to show it, I am happier than any one in the "gay-for-pay" porn genre for my honesty to myself. Now besides me in a bi-sex video, what better a send-off than a montage of action clips of someone man enough to not deny his bisexuality when the proof is right in front of us. Hence why Denis Reed is one of my favorites porn actors. Enjoy.

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  1. AMEN!

    I love Denis Reed too. I just wish he'd cut down on the barebacking :P


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