Friday, July 30, 2010

Wipe With Zach & Cybersocket, Then Fun With Fu

A controversy recently ensued from the magazine Cybersocket naming 40 Amazing Porn Stars, and not naming a single Black porn actor. Zach Sire of wrote a piece in defense of Cybersocket. In response, I wrote a comment...that was never posted.

Victor Hoff of MOC Blog was kind and humane enough to give me a forum to say what I wanted to say in response to Zach Sire's obvious insensitivity on this matter. You can read it by clicking on this link:

For those who are always wondering why I retired from the porn industry....the fact that I had to write this piece, makes it easier to understand why.
There are some who are glad to see that I've retired, but don't want to see me happy afterwards. For since my retirement from the gay porn industry, I have had online run-ins with people trying to insult my post-porn endeavors. I guess they would be happy if I was drinking myself into a stooper, getting high on God knows what, and/or crying, "Oh my God, no one will hire me! I guess I should just kill myself!", thereby becoming the next (of many) suicidal pornstars who can't deal with the real world.

Well, I'm HAPPY to disappoint them with the fact that I LOVE my post-porn life.

So it brings me great pleasure to announce that this Sunday, August 1st, the 1st public screening of the movie I did last year, "Fu Manchu's Weapon Of Evil" will be taking place. Here's the info:

16 West 8th Street, NYC
Sunday, AUGUST 1, at 8pm SHARP!

This is the opening night of a new weekly event at Gizzi's, where every Sunday, New York Filmmakers will be showcased. Come on time and please stay for screenings of all the filmmakers' works. The weekly event will run until 10pm. Filmmakers will be allowed 3 minutes to introduce their films and three minutes Q&A after their screening.

So if you're in New York City this Sunday evening, and you haven't seen the videos on YouTube, OR even better, see them collectively as a single feature, then come down, and get a great start to your evening, and sure to say "Hello".

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