Thursday, May 20, 2010

In Lust With....Louis Ramos

Before all else, you're lost in those light eyes. Then you see that shoulder that gives you a hint that there's some nice muscular arms to feast your eyes on. And that only heightens your desperation to see him from the neck down. I know the feeling because I felt the same way when I 1st saw a picture of him....Louis Ramos.

I've been wanting to write an "In Lust With...." post about Louis for the longest time. Like most of my subjects for this category, I have a folder on my hard-drive full of pics of him. Pics that I have collected from Aaron Cobbett's websites, which includes his most recent, Rose et Ridé.
A few years ago, Daniel Nardicio wanted to shoot some cute guys who were actual members of to promote the site back when it was his, and not as uptight as it is now. The photographer turned out being Aaron Cobbett. When you're modeling with a group of guys, you can get the feeling when a photographer sees something in you that they want to showcase. So when the groups started to get broken down, I found myself in one of those groups to showcase. But I wasn't thinking about how cute I must be in Aaron Cobbett's eyes. I was gawking at the guys Aaron put me with and thinking, "HOT DAMN, I'M A LUCKY MAN!!!!"

The only thing preventing me from having a raging hard-on was my nervousness over who I was working with. Now, as to where those pictures are? I would love to know. But the reason I told that story was to show that Aaron Cobbett definitely has an eye for beauty.

And choosing Louis Ramos as a model shows off Aaron's great eye for male beauty, specifically. And in seeing pictures of Louis, my hard-on has shown itself quite often as I'm sure one will be provoked in you as you keep looking....and imagining what you would like to do with some personal time alone with that body.

As you keep looking, I know your mind is going places by seeing those arms, that chest, those thighs, those lines directing you to his crotch, and for all you ass-men (like myself), please do as I must do right now, and wipe your drool before you short out your keyboard's circuits.
 Because it's just a computer image. We can't actually eat him out and glisten those nice plump ass cheeks like we would like to. That sad fact (along with every thing else going on with that hot bod of his) makes me need to ask, "When in the hell are they going to perfect virtual reality?!"

Obviously, Aaron Cobbett and myself are not the only ones who can see how much of a hot number Louis is. While Adam Barta's "V.I.P." is a cool song, I didn't give a damn about the video UNTIL the last 50 seconds when I saw Louis pop up on the screen.
I know that many a gay man and straight woman on that set was hoping to get placed next to Louis in that pile-up at the end of the video. Be it on his left side, right side, front side, or back side. I'm sure they just wanted to be against that body. And you know what....I don't blame 'em.

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