Saturday, April 10, 2010

Write That Down #14 & 15

Porn was created to feature exhbitionists, and when it showed couples or groups, those exhibitionists were truly into each other with no acting skill required. The more I look at the porn industry today, I see that studio-produced porn is becoming more and more deserving of the negative stigma it has. I say this as someone who was once a part of this world, and has always realized to some capacity, that the stigma was justified. Now, I see more clearly why I had been nudged by my gut for years to call it quits. It's because the reason for that justified bad stigma is because the porn industry is being plagued by way more pimps and prostitutes than those in it solely to be exhibitionists.

I'm hearing more and more people complain about how the porn actors look like they're just going through the motions, and how there's no real chemistry. Trust me, the only people who are not making this complaint are those who have lowered themselves to settling for whatever you put in front of them to get off. Be it a racist product, or one directed by a pimp, as long as there's a cumshot, they're stupid enough to take it.

Well, I refuse to lower myself to this. Which is why for some time now, I've been advising people to either do downloads off of blogs, or go to sites like XTube and GayForIt and watch homemade videos instead of studio-produced porn. Because a great deal of studio-produced porn is made by directors too lazy to be concerned with chemistry between the performers, and many of the so-called performers are prostitutes, so they're used to sex void of chemistry. Hence why so many of them do alcohol, crystal meth, cocaine, heroin, and/or whatever alphabet drug you can think of as a way to numb themselves to the reality of the ugliness of that empty sex. And the need to numb themselves trails into the sex they have where there actually is attraction and/or emotion, because due to the power of the subconscience, ANY sexual act becomes a reminder of all of the empty ones.

Out of respect for porn's purpose, I feel you can be a prostitute all you want, but keep your being fake behind closed doors. For that emptiness will show on the screen to anyone of depth, and it is not what people are paying their hard earned money for. And I respect any prostitute that has enough intellectual prowess to understand that fact, hence not do porn.

Now do worthwhile porn-viewers really want to see sex void of chemistry, or even worse pay for it? I don't think so.

With that in mind, I think any porn viewer with a sane mind should be saying to these studio heads my newest quote for "Write That Down". That quote being....

If I'm going to watch porn (or more importantly, pay for it), I want to watch exhibitionists fuck who are truly into each other, not prostitutes pretending to be into each other.

I'm not saying that all porn actors are prostitutes. I have always believed in my quote for "Write That Down #15:

Whatever career you choose, you should do it because you enjoy it, with making money as a fringe benefit, not a necessity to do it.

Porn actors who live by this credo are doing it because they like being exhbitionists and show off their sexual freedom. That's why you have people on XTube, PornoTube, and the like who make home videos with no intention of making money off it. THESE ARE THE EXHIBITIONISTS I ADMIRE MOST. Therefore, living by this credo, they would take the stand that I have now taken where they will not do a scene with someone that they are not attracted to.

I make these statements with no hypocrisy on my part, because of the scenes that I've done, I admit to 2 times that I could honestly say that I have prostituted myself. And because I can admit to my lack of attraction to these guys, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THOSE SCENES. Those scenes being my scene with Double R from "Love Of The Dick IV" and my scene with Kamar Tyson from "The Booth". I highly recommend that you DO NOT use your money to purchase these movies or scenes, even on a V.O.D. site like, where you would always be directed to go see "Love Of The Dick IV" at the end of an article about me at I'm sure those at thought they were helping, and while I appreciated the effort, the truth is that I must encourage you to make these scenes fade away, because those I mentioned here are not worth your money.

I am highly disgusted by someone telling me that they found my scene with Double R to be "hot". Because to me it means one of 2 things: either (a) I'm must be one hell of an actor, and I was another Black porn actor denied a GAYVN and/or Grabby nomination, or (b) those thinking that scene was hot are those that I mentioned before who obviously will buy anything, even trash just to get off. And I hate to think that it's the latter of the two, because it brings back to mind the question I keep asking of our gay community....WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?

So with all that said, to those who ask me why did I quit, OR if I'll return, you now have an answer to what I saw to make me quit, and the overhaul that needs to be done to the porn industry in order for me to return. And any other sane exhibitionist sees what I see, which is why they will stay away as well UNTIL those things are corrected by a studio that really wants exhibitionists and not prostitutes.

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  1. c'mon if they fake it well enuf i can't complain, BUT you are right electricity is of prime importance indeed in a porn scene. Most of the time when the men really kiss each other well, it means electricity. Now most of the time most men in gayporn can't kiss at all. and those men who never get the job they need, or enough work. Where's alexy tyler? Where's jonathan vargas? Where's tyler johnson? Tamar esterhazy? Jherrad lopez? Pistol pete?Tommy blade? Danny arnez? All men and twinks who can kiss as the best yet what we get ar ethe boring gay4pay dummies who don't have a clue. Says a lot too about gay men still buying that shit porn.


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