Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rites XXXI - Right Choices For Me?

Back in October, you may recall that I took a stand in which I openly boycotted's Hustlaball NY. With the fear that the same reasons may also be seen at The Black Party, I have been deliberating for the longest as to whether or not I should go.

In addition to the fact that Saint At Large (who is behind The Black Party) supports LGBT causes, what is working in favor of me going to The Black Party is that it actually does deliver on the heat and release you anticipate, while Hustlaball NY is a bad imitation. Now while benefitting a good cause does go a long way with me, to limit displaying the wide color spectrum and fit physiques within the gay community, yet wanting the money of all doesn't go well with me at all. Hence my dilemma.

So with those points in mind, if I decide to go to The Black Party, I need to decide on what to wear. I have some ideas, and I wanted to run them by you guys.

Choice #1: Me wearing the Boyfriend from Koala Swim(pics 1 & 2) and covering my cock with the sling from Vizeau (pic 3).

Choice #2:  Me wearing a thong by Prevail Sport similar to the one in this pic to your right. It also has a black line down the middle, but instead of that multi-color design - it's brown leatherette. I think the brown will give an immediate thought that I'm walking around practically naked, but if you look closely, you'll see that I'm being me - a tease. And due to the fact that I've practically never wore it (except to 1 or 2 go-go dancing gigs), this is my most likely choice - with some nicely added accesory.

Now don't act surprised. After all, this is The Black Party, and we are talking about me here. Do you really think that I plan to wear much clothing if I decide to go? And the best part is that if I don't go to the Black Party, I can still wear my outfit of choice to a good sex party before or after.

 So if I decide to go and you see me in any of those choices, don't be afraid to say "HI". And if you're my type of hottie, we may have to excuse ourselves from the dancefloor.

So what should I do, guys? Should I put my aforementioned feelings aside and take a chance on The Black Party? And if so, which outfit do you want to see me in?

A friend on Facebook said I should wear my birthday suit. And to that I say----Alan, I most likely would get to that point sometime during the festivities, but I must keep my admirers growing in anticapation and "length" before I put on such a show ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Personally, I'd go with Choice #1 for you. It's probably more maintenance but on you, worth every snap, crackle and pop!


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