Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Right Alternative To Rites XXXI

Instead of going to The Black Party, I had a nice sleep Saturday night through Sunday morning to reserve unleashing my horniness at the NYJP/GBU Party taking place after The Black Party. So how did that work out for me, you ask? Here's the story.

It started at 3 PM, and I wanted to get there before 4. Instead, I got there before 5. It turned out not being a bad move, because when I first walked in, there weren't alot of guy and not much was going on. Pretty boys annoy the fuck out of my with waiting so long to get shit started. I mean it was almost 2 hours after the party started when I arrived. So when within a half-hour after my arrival, there was action and guys all over the place, I thought it was about fuckin' time. Things didn't start for me right away. I started out as a bottom, with a cute Latino fucking me. Before my next fuck, I seemed to be one guy that many wanted to get a blowjob from, but being me, just putting your cock in my face DID NOT guarantee you a blowjob, so I left some guys wanting what they couldn't have - a sample of the mind-blowing journey a blowjob from me can take you on.

I had a couple of reunions there.
One of them was with the stud I was playing with in "Sex Party Etiquette: Don't Interrupt". I haven't seen him since that night, and I have been hoping to run into him. Some would consider him a twink, but he's sexy and slim with a cock that grows to fill my mouth quite well. After taking turns going down on each other, I couldn't take it anymore....I need that cock in my ass. So I asked him if he wanted to fuck me, and he did. I assumed the position of doggy-style on a chair, and he fucked my ass. And this fuck was even better than the last time. But there is obviously something about our sexual energies joining that makes people crave to be a part of our sex so much that they go nuts, because we got interrupted AGAIN. This time, it was him who lost his hard-on. Maybe we need to meet up at a sex club or party that has a cage we can lock ourselves into to avoid the interruptions.

The other reunion was with a muscular blond I haven't seen in awhile. We met at the sex club Paddles some time ago, where we got a lot of attention from our being about the same height, but my smaller frame topping his more muscular one. I gave him my info, and he actually found me on Manhunt, which I rarely use. And because of that rare usage, we weren't in touch very often. The way we met at the NYJP/GBU Party was because I saw him and thought he looked familiar. I put that thought aside, and we started making out. I then put a condom on him, lubed up his dick and my hole, sat him down on a chair, and then straddled him. I put his hard cock in my ass, and rode the hell out of him. I don't think I saw anyone using that chair as reins the way I did. I couldn't help it! We have a sexual connection that's just mind-blowing!

He realized who I was once he asked me my name, and I recognized him once I saw his boyish smile. He asked me if I went to the Black Party, and I told him that I didn't. His reply was, "You didn't miss much."

This sexy blond was not the only one giving me such a report. Another hottie who fucked me sometime back at Paddles gave a full report on his blog that proved to me (with the exception of eating and fucking that ass) how little I missed.

A new hot guy I met at the NYJP/GBU Party also gave me the same kind of update. He thanked Mayor Bloomberg for the toned down sexuality. Which explains why the NYJP/GBU Party was so crowded. Guys were coming there for the sex they couldn't get at The Black Party because of the mess made of the play areas. So at the rate I'm getting complaints on this chaotic set-up for this year's Black Party, it's not much of a consideration on my "to do" list for next year.

But back to this new hottie.
He was from San Francisco visiting NYC with his partner for The Black Party. We just happened to come face to face, liked what we saw, then checked out each others' bodies, and liked what we saw even more. This guy's body was AMAZING. Pecs, tight abs, nice ass, great muscle tone to his legs. We fooled around together. And I did the unthinkable----I fucked him in a sling. After my appearance in Forbidden Funk Media's "B.L.A.K (Bruthas Live And Kinky)", and experiencing the limitation it put on my natural aggression, I thought I would never have sex using a sling again, as neither a top or a bottom.
But I broke my rule because this sexy guy wanted to have the experience. I admit as a top you are allowed some aggression by fucking in a sling, but I like to experience my bottom showing he likes it in ways besides moaning. Grab me! Spank my ass! In a sling, your bottom can't do that, which is why a sling looses its luster for me pretty fast.

We fooled around some more. Went over to where everyone else was, then play with other people. He got fucked by a muscular Latino, and I wound up riding a HOT Black guy's cock. While riding the Black guy's cock, a muscular guy that I often see at NYJP tried to give me my long desired Double Penetration. Well for whatever reason, no such luck. Even though the Black guy's thick dick was quite snug into my tight hole, I do believe that I was relaxed enough to allow it.

After that me and my new hottie got back together, and stayed to the very end of the party. We left together and hung outside for a bit. My original plan as my after party was to go to The Cock for their post-Black Party event. BUT I got a better offer when this new hottie invited me back to his hotel room. So we continued our fun there with me ending my night as a top on his sweet hole, and as a masseur.

I also found out his age. Imagine my surprise to discover that this year he turns 49. Now, as often as I've talked about American males letting themselves go as they get older, this is one of the cases where if I found an older American guy like this, then he stands a chance of getting me for a night (like this one did). And because he takes care of himself, he makes himself a contender of getting me for life. Too bad for me that this guy is already partnered.

Well, that was my Black Party alternative. I saved a great deal of money, and still got some hot sex to report for that weekend. Now, I'm looking to see what hot sex I can report for my birthday week.

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