Monday, March 8, 2010

In Lust With....Paris

I have for some time now been wanting a Black model or porn actor to write about for my "In Lust With" category, but there were certain things that I'm looking for in a Black actor or model to praise that I wasn't finding.

I looked to blogs like Chocolate & Salsa. While they have a bevy of hot guys that make me beat my meat, few of their models have names, and most of them are muscled-up Black men - an image of Black men in gay media that I refused to praise here, because it all too common. And I don't fault Chocolate & Salsa for this. That's the image of Black men that is shoved down our throats as beautiful, so those are the pictures that are easiest to find. To find other fit body types of beautiful Black men (especially in gay media) is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Nor was I going to go to the Black models of ethnic-porn, because if they are not helping to saturate the image of the muscled-up Black man, then they are playing to the thug image and/or are so skinny that they look as if the "We Are The World" remake should have been made to feed them. That may seem crude to say since a remake of "We Are The World" was recently release to help those in Haiti, but in that matter I feel some writers and producers could have got up off their lazy butts and made an original song to help Haiti. But that's getting off topic, so let's get back to the matter at hand.

Well, in my Aries determination, I wasn't going to settle for less than someone to show the Black beauty that is not touched enough by gay media. And what's so funny is that I've been fucked by the perfect specimen. So I'll be the 1st to admit, this post on him is long overdue, because I sure wouldn't mind another go at his cock sliding in and out of my ass.

When I introduced myself to the world with the website,, and featured in the gallery this pic that Tyson Cane was kind enough to give me, many raved about how hot a picture it was, and I definitely agreed with that claim.
 Even more so because he was my 1st on-camera fuck. It was for the movie, OH BOY ESCORTS 2, where I met him using the name "Joseph Nash". Therefore, I can tell you firsthand of how it was a fuck I enjoyed immensely.

I'm kicking myself right now. Because after all the complaints I've made over time about the muscled-up Black guys like Marc Williams, Scott Alexander, and Diesel Washington being the only names known in gay media to show Black beauty, I completely overlooked praising one who I know doesn't fit that mold. For one, while all of the aforementioned are pretty much bald, "Joseph Nash" still has his hair. Also, he's not too muscular, having a physique that appears to come more from a hard day's work instead of working out - a major turn-on for me. Which is part of the reason why he still turns me on like he did the 1st day I met him.

When he came on the set of OH BOY ESCORTS 2, he walked into the room and I got an immediate hard-on. I did my best to not make it obvious as a way to save that pent-up sexual tension from my end for the camera. I sat there watching him with my asshole twitching as it anticipated his cock in my ass. And when he was getting his pictures taken, at one point his pants drooped just enough to show the top of his ass, and my eyes became thirsty to see the rest, and my hands became thirsty to grope it. For that purpose, I made it my business to get one of the positions we got put in to be missionary. Even though the director Tyson Cane tried to act like it wasn't working, it was for me, hence why I can guarantee you that every word, moan, and groan you hear from me in that scene is real, because I was finally able to release that sexual tension. And Tyson Cane's actions showed that he had to admit it worked, which is why a good number of my original fans who saw that movie saw the heated moment.

While he used the name "Joseph Nash" for OH BOY ESCORTS 2, over the years since, he has used other names. Such as in the April 2008 issue of Playgirl Magazine, he used the name Jamal. And in his work for Real Urban Men, Dark Alley Media, and most recently, CUM DUMP HOTEL by Raw Riders, you may have come to know him as Paris.And this crossing over into other porn genres is another reason by I still find him FUCKIN' HOT. That part shouldn't surprise you, considering how much I love switching things up myself. I admire people who do the same.

They say you never forget your 1st. And I must say that is most definitely true when it comes to Paris. Every time I see a pic, I think about how far he and I have both come. And every clip of him I think to myself that if that bottom isn't enjoying that dick the way I did -----then it's that bottom's own damn fault,....and I gladly take his place and show him how Paris' dick should be done - again.

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