Sunday, January 24, 2010

Portrait of The Stereotypical Escort

I recently created an account to the website, As often as I've heard of this website, I never created an account for it until now. Mainly because I don't really do online hook-ups. In fact, it's been years. And I was quickly losing faith in this one as I have with all the others, as I found myself being hit on by guys who either were too much older than me and looked it, or they were my age, but looked much older than me. Then one day, a surprise happened. I saw an email telling me I was "fucking hot" and it included a phone number. I put the cursor on the name, and the thumbnail that popped up was a slim young good-looking White guy with a huge cock. I clicked on the name for closer inspection to find I that what I saw in that tiny thumbnail was true.

His profile said that he was in gay porn, and I knew he was because of the Jet Set Men symbol on his pics. With my disdain for the racism at Jet Set Men, I didn't know exactly who he was, so I went to the website to investigate, and I found out he was Jason White.

I sent Jason a text message, prepared to not get an answer because I don't take for granted that everyone has text messaging. So I was prepared to take the more intimate method and actually call him. That turned out not being necessary, because not too long after he texted back. We exchange messages, then eventually talked on the phone. We disucssed what we like sexually, and talked about getting together. We considered a group thing, then he seem to really want to focus on me, so he decided 1-on-1 was better, and I went along.

Mind you, it's been years since I last planned to hook-up via the internet. But Jason intrigued me, because he was a rare find in a young person in New York City lately - a White American who seems racially open, and being that he was in porn, had I knew him then, he would have been another example I could have used for my blog post, He's Not Anti-Black, He Just Plays So On TV as Jet Set Men has stuck him with all White scene partners in every movie he's been in for them, yet here Jason showing he has a taste for chocolate by lusting for me.

When I tried to make plans to hook-up, Jason said he like to play it by ear, because he never knows what going to happen, such as a client calling. When he said a client calling, I then realized that he was an escort. I have had friends who are escorts, but the reason they're my friends is because they don't fit the negative stereotype. As this story progress, you will see that Jason White does fit that negative stereotype.

We made plans to meet that Friday night. I told him that I had to go meet a friend first. So his advice was to give him a call after meeting with my friend, and see if he's free. I did that, and he said he was, so I made my way home to The Bronx all the way from the Gramercy section of Manhattan. When I got home, I texted Jason to tell him I was home. I knew something was up when I got a text in reply that along with "Kool" was asking me what was I into. If you recall, we went over that in our 1st conversation. Now, someone in their 20's should not be that forgetful, especially regarding the details of a hook-up partner. If he is any good as an escort, he wouldn't need to ask me again. And if he did, a client wouldn't tolerate it, so a red flag was going off already. But it gets worst.

He then asks me if I was interested in a 4-way. Now, didn't we originally decide on a 1-on-1 at his urging? This instablility was bugging me as I have dealt with it, (if not sexually , then in another form) with former suitors. Then I was asked if I "partied", and I said, "No". Next, he asked for my screenname of dudesnude, which he should have known, espcially since it's my name just minus a space between the 1st and last name. I did give it to him, then after that, I never heard another word from him for the rest of the night.

I tried texting and calling numerous times within a 2-hour period which means ending around 1:45 AM . Filling my time with mudane things to do because it was my understanding that I was supposed to be entertaining a guest in my home.

The next day, about 3:45 PM, I texted him with this message:

Thanks 4 last night. Wait...that's right, you were 2 tweaked out elsewhere for that. That's OK. The public will know about you and your clients soon enough.

This definitely sent him, as it would any escort into a panic. Especially when you say the phrase "the public will know about...your clients". What I will reveal about his clients is nothing you can't already figure out for yourselves. Plain and simply, that anyone who requests his services as an escort are either paying for his drug habit by hiring him or buying the drugs and doing them with him. So anyone you know who is a client of his, if you didn't know that about your friend before, you do now. And it was my pleasure to enlighten you :-)

You see, when you cross me, I am one sadistic son of a bitch - to put it mildly. Maybe he should have asked Chris Steele at Jet Set Men about me.

Anyway, what is the excuse I was given? ----That his phone was locked.

Now am I really suppose to believe this? Let's say that he was telling the truth that his phone was locked as he was installing something on it. If such was the case, then (1)an update should have come FROM HIM CONTACTING ME, not me contacting him, AND (2)so late in the afternoon? If their phone was to somehow lock, any respectable escort needs their phone so much that they would not wait so late in the afternoon after their phone locks to go to their carrier's store and get the problem corrected. This is where the stereotypical behavior of an escort comes in, because if I was a client, he would have moved heaven and earth to let me know what was going on, even if it meant going old school and using a pay phone. But his stereotypical escorting behavior makes it clear that the value of my time as a human being is not worth respecting. Why? ....Because $$$ were not attached to my name or my being.

This is the kind of thinking that causes violence against sex workers. An escort tactless enough to makes it obvious to the client that they are merely a meal ticket, so the client in return treats the escort like a piece of meat. And what do you do to a piece of meat when you're done with it? You throw it away. And some clients do that in the literal sense.

Not all escorts behave this way with such a double standard of treating clients and non-paying people differently, but behavior of the stereotypical ones like Jason White cause harm to those who treat every one, client or not, with the same degree of courtesy and humanity. Like I said, over time, I've had friends who have and still are escorts, and I don't think of them as any less of a worthwhile existence. It is just that like in any other profession, there are those who keep bad stigmas alive. And Jason White does that for escorts.


  1. What's the deal with Chris Steele? Is he a cool guy?

  2. Anonymous,

    Since that has nothing to do with the matter at hand, I'm not commenting on that here. That is a question that I WILL have an answer to if you send it to my email address ( without the anonymity.

    Thank you

  3. Tre' you seem to be a very angry person on both the inside and the outside. People like you hate themselves so much they usually end up hanging themselves in a closet by masturbating with a noose around their neck.

  4. Anonymous,

    Your cowardice by way of not owning your comment with a name shows you're the one who hates themselves.

    You know that you're talking stupidity, and you hate yourself for it----as you should. So why don't you and Jason White do that final hit of whatever letter-of-the alphabet drug you're doing, and bid the world farewell. You'll be doing the us all a favor.

  5. As someone who has gotten of to your porn many times I honestly don't know why you even screw with these guys. you're hot as fuck and it kinda makes me sad to read how after knowing this dude was a crystal queen and an escort, that you still were willing to hook up with him. Seems like you're better off.

  6. Thanks for the compliments Rodrick.

    The drug use was something I didn't discover until that night. And I KNOW that I am better off that it didn't happen. My point is that Jason White did to my time what he is doing to his body - he wasted it. And one way to piss me off royally is to waste my time. Because when you do, I will call you out.

  7. I wonder what you got from airing his personal business out there in the manner that you did. It seems that it had less to do with wasting your time and more to do with him possibly rejecting you. After finding out that he was into drugs and also an escort why would you continue to go after him? Seems like you brought it on yourself and sometimes people have a change of heart and don't know how to tell someone so the easiest thing to do is ignore them.

  8. Anonymous,

    Normally, I would have deleted your comment because you signed it anonymous, but you saved yourself by not challenging what I said, but instead asking a possibly valid question.

    Drug addicts and escorts are not common people in my circle. They are merely people I pass by. So to associate with one to this degree was new to me.

    You must be either young and/or immature to assume that this post was about me being rejected. I am self-confident enough to not be hurt by a drug addict's rejection because I know I can do better. As you get older and/or more mature, you will come to realize that you will be annoyed by someone wasting your time way before finding yourself hurt by being rejected.

    Lastly, to answer your question about what I got from airing his personal business, I got the satisfaction of pointing out to myself and others what type of person associates themselves with him long-term. It enlightens myself and others as to what type of person enables him to be the thing that he is. And by putting all his info including links to his Rentboy page, anyone you know who hires him (inclusing yourself)makes them an enabler to his sickness.


I HIGHLY respect those willing to stand behind their comments with a name. So if you use "Anonymous" on a viewpoint that challenges mine, IT WILL BE DELETED. For your cowardice to not show yourself makes your viewpoint and you irrelevant.

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