Friday, December 4, 2009

Sex Worker Literati - The Morning After

I appeared at SEX WORKER LITERATI last night. I had so much fun. First off, THANKS to the friends and fans who came out. Your presence was a great help to me. For me, still with the heart of a performer, was nervous as hell. Audacia Ray greeted me, and told me I was going to be the 1st presenter in the 2nd half. I thought to myself, "Great more time to be nervous, and think my presentation is shit." I'm actually glad to have that fear because to me that symbolizes that I don't take my talent for granted. The day I stop having that fear before a presentation or performance is the day to let myself know that I've gotten too big for my britches.

I was greatly entertained by all of the other presenters who were Jeffrey Escoffier, Craig Seymour, Twisted Monk, Alex Kinney, and Matthew Lawrence. I also had run-ins with former pornstar Jake Havoc, Lucas Entertainment's Mr. Pam, and was introduced to's Jeffrey Davids. All of whom said that they like my presentation.

My presentation was in my head entitled, "Size Queen - The On/Off Switch". It examined how for as a gay porn bottom, I had to portray myself as a size queen, but how off-camera, I'm not and with good reason. I'm not going to get into detail of what I said. To tell you would defeat the purpose of trying to convince you to show up for my appearances, because hearing it after is not as good as hearing it live. But I will say that I enjoyed moving the beautiful female bartender at the venue to give me praise.

I was told by the co-host David Henry Sterry, that it was something no one talks about. And I thought to myself, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!". Because that meant that my goal to bring my blog to life for a live audience was done. For my loyal readers have read here time and time again, me tackle a topic everyone wants to sweep under the rug. In fact, I think that's why I didn't get more laughs. I know my piece wasn't full of belly laughs, but some places where I expected at least a chuckle, I got silence. I took it as 1 of 3 things, either (a) they were guilty of what I had to say about size queens, (b) my words put them in a moment of thought that they were still engulfed in during a somewhat witty line, or (c) a combination of both.

I'll update you here when video from the night is posted on their video website. This is just a preview of what you missed from my presentation. It's a snippet of the video I used in my presentation with a pre-recorded voiceover of the writing I used for it. Enjoy.

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