Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fight The People (With Love)

There were many signs that my fun with porn had come to a close. One of those times was when I was so ecstatic to see my reply answered with a "Yes" to Reed McGowan asking for people to be in this music video. What made me ecstaticwas that I was glad for the departure. Furthermore, even after talking to Reed on the phone, I had no idea of how much of a departure this video would allow me to make.

I was asked to bring a change of clothes. One, a suit if I had it, and the other, something a lot more casual. Still, I was so caught up in doing something unrelated to porn, that I didn't see the transformation that was going to take place coming at me, until I did my change of clothes.
I went from being a solemn & uptight nerd, to a happy & partying bi-guy.

The difference between the change in video and who I am in reality is that while in the video, I went from being one extreme to the other, but in real-life, I'm some degree of both and more 24/7. I'm quite the chameleon.

I am very proud of my small part in this video, as it has a big message.

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