Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sex Party Etiquette: Don't Interrupt!

In my last post I said that I wasn't going to blog about this past weekend. However, for this post, I must go back on my word in order to explain a much needed point. That point being how at a sex party, one should NOT interrupt a couple having sex. Participate, YES. Interrupt, NO!

This needs further explanation, as I'm sure I'm about to be misunderstood. For it should be expected to be touched by someone other than the one(s) you're having sex with. HELLO, YOU ARE NOT AT HOME, YOU ARE AT A SEX PARTY. It's a matter of your relationship (if any) with one or more of the people involved, and because with that relationship in mind, where and how you touch on one or more of the people having sex.

The incident that made me need to address this rule of etiquette happened this past weekend at a new sex party. I had my sights set on this guy as soon as he walked into the party wearing a white 2(x)ist jockstrap. By the looks of his crotch, I didn't know what to expect should I be lucky enough to get him naked with a hard-on, as I myself am a grower, and not a shower. I made eye contact, and we got to talking. It turns out that I was robbing the cradle BIG TIME by my 38 year-old self lusting for this 21 year-old hottie.We got separated at one point, and when I found him, he was in a conversation with 2 other guys at the party. I stood diagonally behind him, and he never knew I was there until he just happened to turn around. When he saw me there, he said, "There you are!" He put his arms around me, I reciprocated, and this younger hottie took the reins by coming in closer to start making out with me. A lot different than the porn scenarios where the "daddy" makes the 1st move. As it always seems to happen with me, after I hook up with someone and we start making out, the whole room starts making out. And that is exactly what happened in that room that night.

As we started feeling each other up, I could feel his cock getting thicker and needing a release from the crotch of that jockstrap. As usual, I let the other guy show me how far he wants to go, so I let him pull my cock out of my underwear first, then I pulled out his. When I set his cock free, I discovered that he was just like me ----a grower. Even more of a grower to be honest. Just as I was going to wrap my mouth around so I could lick and salivate on his long thick cock, he beat me to the cocksucking by going down on mine first. With him squatting down, I was able to see the room growing with one make-out session after because of the sexual tension we had started.

I whispered to him, "Do you wanna fuck me?"

He whispered back, "Yeah!"

We made our way to the bed, with everyone watching us. We never went off to find other people separately for the entire night. After Round 1, we walked around with the intention of finding a 3rd, because we knew we wanted a Round 2. No such luck, so we went back to the bed for Round 2 with just us 2.

This time, we flip-fucked. It turned out being that he was a lot like me in letting people touch him even though he's not into them. Maybe it had something to do with us sharing a go-go boy past. We were discussing earlier how we found one guy in particular to be a bit gross, yet while my hottie was topping me, the gross guy was touching on both of us. Then we flipped it with me as the top. While I was topping my hottie doggy style, the gross guy crossed the line. He stuck his head under my crotch trying to lick from my nuts to my dick entering my hottie's sweet hole.

What's wrong with this?

The fact that niether me, or my hottie knew this guy. I've done tricks like that before ----when I know the person I'm touching. And where on my body this guy was going for, the point where my dick meets the hottie's hole, was too intimate a part of the sex to place yourself if you are not assocaited with me or him. With that in mind, here's a brief list of OK and NOT-SO-O.K. places to touch on a person when you are a stranger to all of them while they're in the midst of fucking at a sex party:

(1)Feeling on their bodies - OK, for a few seconds at least. Remember, you are a stranger after all.
(2)Attempting to feel an ass - OK, and the top and bottom should allow it - again, for at least a few seconds
(3)Jerking off the bottom's cock - OK to try, but it's the bottom's body, therefore the bottom's call. A top telling you "no" is an overbearing asshole.
(4)Trying to touch the point of intercourse connection with your hands, tonuge, or any other body part - NOT FUCKIN' O.K.!!!! This is when your participation becomes an interruption.

This dipshit made me lose my hard-on by doing this, and I'm sure I'm not the 1st, and because guys like him aren't reading this post, unfortunately I won't be the last. A friend I told this incident to said that I should have let a fart rip while he was down there interrupting. I have to say, that would have served him right for him being where he shouldn't have been. Especially when I'm the 1st guy in awhile to get in that hole, and it damn sure felt like it, too.

Well, at least since I'm passing on this information, so maybe there will be fewer incidents of this kind.


  1. Was this your sex party or someone else's?-Scott

  2. I have yet to throw a sex party. so this was someone else's, but I will admit the thought has crossed my mind.

  3. hahah hey tre, i cant believe you wrote about that... lol im honored to be written about in your blog..



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