Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In Lust With....Denis Reed

It should be no surprise for this post to come about since I have mentioned liking Denis Reed in the past. It was watching him in a scene that made me shoot my load while demonstrating the Real Touch at Daniel's place on Fire Island.
 Last week, I was inspired to write this when I saw that Chronicles of Pornia thought the same as I about how hot he is. What I'm wondering is whether or not, it's for the same reasons.

I've seen Denis for a few years now, never thinking that he would ever become the object of my lust that he is now. I believe the 1st time I saw him was in the movie, "Inside Jirka Gregor" under the name, Pavel Matous, a name I discovered by way of my research for this post. As it turns out, like most European porn actors, he's been featured under many different names besides Denis Reed. It's just as Denis Reed, he's gotten his art of fucking down so well that his presence in a scene is unforgettable. You would have never known that he would become the undeniable stud he is now from his performance in "Inside Jirka Gregor".

Chronicles of Pornia described Denis Reed as a "fuck machine", and they couldn't be more right in that description. I've found him to be on 5 of the many sites of the Eromaxx network. Those sites being,,,, and

It may disappoint some of you to discover that only 1 of these is a gay website. I don't know how Denis defines his sexual orientation, but I do hope he does like another European favorite of mine, Sebastian Bonnet, and considers himself "bisexual". For the proof of that is undenialable. Whether it's the pussy of a hot chick or the asshole of a hot guy, his never flaccid cock seems to live by the rule that as long as he/she is hot, then pound their orifice to the point of him spraying his man-milk on their bodies, or feeding it into their wanting mouths.

I would love to have a day of Denis satisfying the cum-pig that I am, by spending all day with him fucking my eager tight hole. All rounds would end with me getting sprayed on, except the final round, which would end with me getting fed his naturally-made protein shake, then let it ooze all over my chin.

Hey, give me credit. At least I admitted to being a cum-pig. And I'm sure a great many of you can see why.


  1. One of your best posts ever. I found this highly entertaining - intelligent, well-researched, affectionate. I wish it were longer like, ahem, erotic fiction.

  2. he has been my favourite too..he is sex machine(and a sex bomb too) I wish I could ride his well- wrought cock...

  3. Aúnque solo tengo 19 años y Denis debe rondar los 31 años, se que por su experiencia sería la persona ideal para estrenarme. Con sus 21 cm. se que la penetración sería bestial, pero luego una vez bien lleno, se que sabría mantenerme bien penetrado tanto como necesitara, hasta provocarme un orgasmo demoledor.


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