Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fire Island Weekend @Daniel's 3, Part 2

After my excursion in the Meat Rack, since it didn't result in me cumming, I was still horned up. In Daniel's place, I was sleeping on a sofa, and one of the 2 good-looking couple's staying there was in a room that's directly in line with the right side of the sofa. So when I came back from my Meat Rack excursion, I could easily hear them going at it. BUT it turned out being that I was also able to see that they were in a 3-way, because their door wasn't just ajar, but wide open. Now, if it was just sounds outside of a not even locked, but simply closed door, I wouldn't dare enter. However, a door wide open to room with sex going on in a house full of mostly exhibitionists is saying to most of the house's guests and inhabitants, "If you want to watch or play with us, FEEL FREE".

And since I was seeing good-looking guys go at it, so became my intention.
However, I couldn't right away, because I had sand all over me from my fuck session with that blond hottie. So I took a quick shower, then made my way into the action.

Daniel wasn't there that night, so he let the Englishmen (mentioned in previous posts about Fire Isalnd) stayed in his room that night. The Englishman was actually the 1st to get hooked up in a 3-way. The reason I mention this is because while the 3-way with my entrance has now become a 4-way in one guest room, my sixth sense felt the sexual energy suddenly kick up a notch telling of a 5th person being in the room. I at first chose to ignore this, and proceeded to enjoy all the sucking, fucking, and massaging of asses and balls I was partaking of. Then all of the sudden, out of the corner of my eye I saw another head. In my sexual daze, I thought I was seeing things, so to make sure, I started counting heads starting with my own, and realized there actually was a fifth head in the room. Just as I realized this, I heard an English accent say, "Excuse me, does anyone have some lube?"

It was the Englishman, creeping around the room naked. And we all busted out laughing at this very comical moment. We did find the lube, lent it to him, and then he went back to his 3-way, and we proceeded with what we were doing. During all of this the other good-looking couple staying in the house returned, and played voyeur to all of this.

After all of the guests from outside went on their way, all of us staying in the house got in the hot tub. All of us being the 2 couples staying there, the Englishman, and myself, which totals 6 sexually-free men, hence how we easily became a big touch and massage circle.

As the crowd dwindled down at about 5 in the morning with the sun starting to rise, I laid down on the sofa with the voyeuristic couple and one of the guys from the couple I was in the 4-some with were all in the living room talking. I actually was able to fall asleep in the midst of all this for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours, which is actually just a tad less than normal for me.

When I woke up, after seeing the guys still sitting there talking and flirting, I looked up at the ceiling fan. Now imagine looking up at that ceiling fan where the last time you saw it, there were spaces for 4 light bulbs, but only 2 bulbs were in it. BUT you wake to find all spaces are filled to make it look like what is in this video:

Yes, you are seeing correct, someone put dildos in those 2 empty light fixtures. Hence why the 1st words in my head that morning were, "What the fuck....?!"
Those dildos were 2 of 3 sitting on top the wine cabinet that you get a glimpse of in the video. In fact, you actually can see a glimpse of the 3rd dildo (that looks like a White man's cock) still on top of the wine cabinet.

As the talking and flirting continued, it led to moments of fellatio here and there, which I got in on. And not to brag, but I did show off my oral prowess. Oral prowess that NONE of the 2 online sex scenes or 10 scenes for the 8 movies I have done have ever been able to capture fully.

So truth be told, if you think what I do on-camera is good, I've saved the best for off-camera. And the cum-geysers that have gushed either into my mouth, or onto the bodies of the hot guys I've sucked off proves it.

What's funny about all this is that people come to Fire Island looking for things like this to happen, and I don't look for it. They just happen, and I think that's why these things happen to me. It's because I come to a place hoping for the best, BUT expecting the worse of letdowns or nothing at all. Just like I admitted going to the Meat Rack looking for action out of curiosity, not horniness - look what happened. I got horny instead.

So for all those who go to Fire Island looking for an adventure - stop looking, and just let your adventure be born from where the mystery of the days and nights take you.

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