Friday, August 14, 2009

Backroom Sleaze On The Seas

How do you have a backroom on a boat, when the boat has no rooms to make a backroom out of?

Well leave it to me and a horny friend of mine to find a way, as we did on Daniel Nardicio's XXX Cruise-Sleaze On The Seas. We definitely brought some sleaze.

We started the cruise out innocent enough. I ran into a lot of people that I knew. In fact, I often found myself interrupting my conversations with my friend to say "Hello" to people. We sat around, nibbled at the dinner, watched the sights from the deck.

Later we ventured to the top level in the back where the go-go boys were doing their thing. It's the Sea Tea, so yes things on the stage did get raunchy as expected. After the dirty display on stage, me and my friend stayed near the back, and sat down. I sat between his legs, and he started feeling my chest. Being touch sensitive as I am, and considering who the touch was coming from, I was immediately turned on. He's tall and slim, and I've mentioned before my weakness for tall and slim guys. I returned the touch by massaging his arms. Then I turned around and straddled him. We started kissing, and had a heavy makeout session with us grinding and dry-humping often to the beat of the music. I was already shirtless, then he took his off. We got up and started dancing for a bit totally aware of the eyes on us by now. My friend then sat down, and that's when the real show started.

I straddled him again leaving enough space for him to start undoing his pants. He started it, but I finished it, so I could have the distinct pleasure of pulling out his cock. Feeling it through his pants got me semi-hard, but the sight of it got me totally hard, because seeing it reminds me of how not too long ago, he was holding it to put it in my ass for the 1st and only time thus far. I wet my fingers, and played with the head making sure to stroke the frenulum. I couldn't keep that up long before needing it filling my mouth. So there I was, squatting and slobbering away at his cock and balls, loving every fraction of a second of it. And from the contractions of his shaft muscles, he was loving it too.

He never came, but we did put on quite a show for the passenger who were back there according to him. You see, all I could see were the shadows surrounding me while my friend saw all the faces of the lusting on-lookers. The only head I saw was the throbbing pink one of my friend's dick. And I am not complaining.

You might think that watching the go-go boys play with each others' cocks and asses sparked me and my friend's horniness that inspired our show in the back of the boat. But truth be told, those dancers had nothing to do with it. What we did was a continuation of our first meeting a couple of weeks ago in the backroom of a bar.

I saw him on top of a guy. I stood by and was getting off watching him grind on top of this guy with his cute ass. When he got off of the guy, the guy he was fooling around with saw me, and started giving me a blowjob. Then he looked up and saw me, and he joined in. So it was the three of us with me as the center of attention (an Aries favorite place during sex) either getting two guys sharing my dick, or his playmate on my cock and him eating my ass. At one point he told me that he had to get my info so he could have a one-on-one with me. A little bit later, he was fucking his original playmate, and I got so turned on, that I confirmed that we had to have that session. I guess he couldn't wait, because he told me that he had condoms and offered me a taste right then and there. Now, this all started in a dark corner of the backroom. When he decided to fuck me, he positioned us directly in line with the entrance to the backroom. Therefore, anyone who walked into the backroom at that time, was greeted by the sight of his naked backside thrusting into me, with my hands and legs massaging the flexing muscles of his ass.

We still have yet to fuck to the point of cumming, but each time we go at it, we get so close. But based on the sensations from the fucking alone, when and if that orgasm does happen, unless you want to get some sprinkles from the cum geyser that's sure to spring from us, it's probably best if we get to that point in private.

So if you weren't on that Sea Tea, OR you were on that Sea Tea, but never ventured to the upper level to the back, then you missed a good show. Good enough that we got compliments before we left the boat, and I even got some on my Facebook page. That just goes to show you, that at events like this, unassuming as I may come across, at some point the lust-bucket that I am will surface, and you're going to be sorry you missed seeing it in action.

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  1. Such fun-ness.

    I'm quietly impressed that you've used the word "frenulum" in a blog post :-)


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