Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gay Porn's Anti-Racism Ambassador, Tré Xavier

Recently, I was informed by MOC Blog's author, Victor Hoff that in response to a post at about Sean Cody's tokenism hiring of a Black model, these were a couple of the comments posted.

What time will Tre X be posting a comment on the subject?

wisit replies
t-minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

I didn't reply on, but I did reply on, and they never posted my comment. But thanks to MOC Blog for having the balls that makes him a man, I was given a chance for my sentiments on this matter to be heard.

Now, as for the comments referring to me at The Sword, I actually find them quite flattering and sad at the same time.

Flattering, because it's always good when people recognize how you stand for a cause, whether the speak of it in a positive light or not, the fact remains ---- they know you're a man who takes a stand. With that in mind, it is safe to assume that I was to a degree flattered by The Sword's Paul Bookstaber writing a piece about my post on poppers, because he took note that I had a firm stand on this issue. My annoyance that I voiced here was because in the same breath, he tried to tear down the validity of my firm stand.

Now, for what saddens me about such comments as those is the fact that my name has become synonymous with fighting the racism in the gay porn industry. Almost as if I'm some kind of Ambassador. And that's the problem ----
----I am the ONLY Ambassador.

Many within this industry are aware of the problem of racism in gay porn, including those who are not racist, yet benefit from it. We speak about it privately, but when I speak out on the issue in a public forum like my blog, and a gay porn news sites gets wind of it. I rarely (if ever) hear of them making any public notice that they agree. When in all actuality, most of them are most popular than me, so if change can be incited, they should be the ones speaking up on this. I find that quite distressing, because in an industry of so many, I become a lone warrior. And being put in the position of a lone warrior in my fight against the racism in gay porn makes me feel like a vast majority of gay porn performers are not men, but stone cold faggots for not using the power of recognition that they have to start eradicating this problem. So if you want another reason why I refuse to pay for American-made gay porn, now you know. It's because I want to watch the strength of gay MEN fucking, not the weakness of faggots.

And yes, there's that ugly word - "faggots".

To haters of that word, I'm not going over why I differentiate between referring to someone as a "gay man" while I call someone else a "faggot". Do a search of the word "faggot" in this blog, and you will find that explanation. But I will say this much - when your fellow man is being wronged, a man takes a stand, while faggots hide and act like there's no problem. Therefore, the ugliness of that word "faggot" fits their ugly act of cowardice, because while racism itself is unjust, so is the fact that I feel so alone in this battle. Hence my strong words to express my frustration.

The facts are simple. When you live in a country where a race of people are made to feel like they don't matter in any way, be it via porn or a regular 9 to 5 job, it doesn't speak well for the citizens of that country overall. For the White actors who claim to not be racist, benefit from that racism, YET say nothing against it existence ---- they might as well be racist. And for the Black and Latino porn actors who are aware yet say nothing are indisputable "sell-outs". And to all, so what if you get blacklisted ---- IT'S JUST PORN. Grow the fuck up, and grow a real pair! Because we will never truly be the best nation if we don't stop being so selfish looking out for #1, that we allow our fellow man of a different ethnicity to have his face repeatedly shoved into #2.

Why do you think I spoke out about the lack of Asians in gay porn? Because while I am in (not the best) but a better position, my humanity lets me understands the annoyance some Asians may be feeling not being represented.

And that's what the silence of so many actors show - a lack of humanity. Some of you may try to throw my words of how "it's just porn" back in my face, but the fact is silence in racism in something as simple as porn is a sign of one being silent when it really counts. Because I believe fighting for equality for such simple things is a test, and many of my fellow porn actors are failing miserably by way of their silence.


  1. Yet again, your comments are on point and salient. It's important to know that there are people working on this important issue in the gay 'world', not just porn.
    I also think that it's important that this sort of move comes from within the industry. The reason for this is because you run the risk of having the porn industry assume that the lack of consumption of porn with men of colour is a trend in which they are just becoming unpopular to the mass populous.

    Sometimes it's lonely being a leader on an issue, Tré, and it's worth noting that you have a wide readership who largely support you, this cause, and the importance of the issue overall.

    Those in the industry who are quiet on the issue will only stick their heads out with the ongoing influence of people like yourself.

    Keep it up, Tré. We're behind you (which is a good place to be... we have a view of your most perfect behind ;) ).

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