Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back To The Divide

When I first started doing porn, I was still pursuing a career in mainstream entertainment. Trying to juggle pursuit of both became too much to handle, so the one where I was making the least progress had to go. Within 1 year of being in adult entertainment, I had already done at least 3 appearances on, and was featured in my 1st 4 movies, so the mainstream world was the one left behind.

Now fast forward 4 year after Tré Xavier was born, and I have now become such a voice held in contempt by the big name studios (I was once foolishly pining to work for the racist and ageist likes of), that I can now divide myself between adult and mainstream entertainment without hassle.

That's why I'm pleased to announce my new involvement with a talent agency, and more specifically, my upcoming Pride Festival appearances where I will be a background performer of recording artist, Lovari, on these dates and places:

Saturday, June 6th, Staten Island Pride - Noon - 5 PM @ Cromwell Recreation Center, Hannah Street (@ Murray Hillbert Ave)
Sunday June 7th, Queens Pride - 11 AM - 6 PM in Jackson Heights, 37th Avenue (between 89th/75th Streets)

I thank God for the fans who I must thank for their loyalty. Some of you have followed me from my start as a porn actor, and I hope you will continue to do so as I go back to the divide of involving myself in both adult and mainstream entertainment, which is only seen as a great divide by the hypocritical. I'm sure you will, because one thing you know about me by now is that I am not one-dimensional, and the fact that you keep coming back here shows that you appreciate that about me.

So once again, I leave you today with the compliment ---- YOU ROCK!!!!!

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