Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Integrity Is Also Mightier Than TheSword

Over at TheSword.com, a piece was done about my recent blog entry, "Poppers, Smoppers". While I usually welcome press about my writing, that piece written by Paul Bookstaber was not welcome. Because while I do have a sense of humor and can take a joke, Paul Bookstaber was mocking my stand on an important issue. For those of you who haven't seen it you can read it HERE and see for yourself why I'm annoyed.

What you will notice is that Paul did the old trick of taking my words out of context to make me look like some contradicting schizophrenic. When he mentioned my boycotting paying for American porn because most movies are not worth your money due to their blatant racism, while I myself am an American performer - Paul Bookstaber conveniently left out my promise to only involve myself in productions worth your money because they would counterattack that racism. And you can also see, I already addressed in my initial comment my being a fan of straight porn actor T.J. Cummings who was at one time gay-for-pay, even though I have made vehement attacks against the gay-for-pay genre. Paul Bookstaber tried to make me seem like a hypocrite.

Why would he do this? He did it because (1)he wanted what I said about poppers to not be taken to heart. This sounds like the classic move of a drug addict defending his drugs, therefore willing to run over anyone who says anything bad about them. He also did it because (2) he felt he could. He got the overblown ego that some members of the press have that they make or break a celebrity, so any press a performer gets, we should be appreciative of it - be that press totally true, totally false, or mix of both. And Paul Bookstaber took the latter, which is the low road. He felt that even if he makes me look like a fool, I'm so low on the celebrity totem pole that I should be grateful to him, therefore he would suffer no repercussions for whatever he said no matter how damaging it was to my integrity.

Well he was wrong.

Because no matter how known or unknown a performer may be, no performer should let their integrity and just cause be mocked by someone in the press. And any performer who thinks I shouldn't have said anything needs to get a backbone, cash this reality check, and cash it fast.

To see this behavior come from a supposedly well-respected gay porn news site was unacceptable to me, as it should be to anyone else. So I waited for the perfect moment to retaliate. And that moment arrived less than 2 weeks later.

TheSword did a piece about 420 (marijuana). I have often said he that my past drug use was always about experimenting to find out what the draw is to them. It has never been about addiction, escapism, or a pick-me-up. And in revealing that, I also took it as a chance to say what I felt about Paul Bookstaber for his hatchet-job he did on me, all because he was defending poppers. My comment was as follows:

I am no saint, but I have never understood the need for weed. Whenever I've tried it or any drug for that matter, it's always been me experimenting to find out why is everyone else doing it. Maybe when you've waited until you're in your 30's like I have to try any kind of substance, it doesn't have much of an effect on you. All marijuana has even done for me is give me the munchies. So unless you have an illness (and/or a treatment) that kills your appetite, I have to ask:

What the fuck is your problem?

It doesn't make me mellow like so many people claim. I guess because I've created enough bliss in my life that I don't need a drug to help make me mellow. Life is much more beautiful when you do it yourself. Now I'm sure Grand Canyon-assed Popper Paul here at The Sword is one of those that can't understand a word that I'm saying right now. It's too much like reality that your head shouldn't feel up in the clouds in order to grasp.

Yes, I referred to Paul Bookstaber as "Grand Canyon-assed Popper Paul". And yes, it may seem childish, but I only did it to draw his fire. And based of how he tried to make me look, I make no apologies for it. Especially, since it obviously worked because the next morning I got this email from Paul saying:

I'm never writing about your irrelevant ass again. Good luck with everything.

Hmmmm, is it just me or does he seem a tad bit perturbed?.....Like I give a fuck! And YES, I am joking about this. Just as I laughed when I saw that email from him and the comment from the pothead that followed my comment.

Now for those of you who don't think the issue of poppers is an important issue, I do admit that while I wrote my piece on poppers addressing the less important downside of using it in regards to sexual pleasure, I tried to lead way to the reality that use of poppers is a danger overall. THEY ARE FUCKIN' INHALANTS! They kill your brain cells - slowly, but surely!

Now, if Paul didn't stand with me on the issue, I would have been very appreciative of him practicing journalistic impartiality by simply mentioning that I addressed the issue. J.C. Adams has done this at GayPornTimes. There have been times where he didn't understand a point I made, but he was professional enough to not mock me for it, and for that I have the utmost respect for him as a journalist, and I feel you should do the same. In fact, many of you already are. Paul Bookstaber however, lessened TheSword's journalistic integrity by mocking me by way of attempting to lessen my integrity.

So who is really the "irrelevant ass" here that Paul Bookstaber was referring to? Me, for trying to address an issue meant to undo our communities bad reputation painted by right-wing conservatives as being incapable of having drug-free sex? OR should Paul Bookstaber look in his mirror for making it seem right-wing conservatives are justified in their generalization of gay male sexual behavior as being dangerous at every turn?

I would have rather that my piece on poppers got no press at all than what I got from Paul Bookstaber, because what Paul Bookstaber wrote about me spoke more about his character (or lack there of) than it did for all the press people who I tipped off about that piece on poppers, but chose to ignore it. Paul Bookstaber showed himself to be another Perez Hilton - meaning another empty-soul insignificant who uses the power of the keyboard to unjustifiably tears down others so they can feel like a god.

Well why I did say in the "About me" section on your left, that because of the computer age the pen has an ally in the keyboard to being mightier than the sword, there is also something mightier than them all. It always has and always will be ----integrity.

And I advise you all to thrive on it within yourselves, because no matter what the subject matter, it will be your saving grace.


  1. I, for one, love marijuana. It's about as close to perfect as you can get for something natural, imho. But this really isn't a debate about drugs, is it? It's a debate about principals. And self-respect. And standing up for yourself. And in that contest, there should be no doubt who the victor is.

  2. Trey, man, did you even READ what you wrote before you hit "Submit"?

    JFYI, this makes you sound like a truly crazy person. Like Damian Kruzer crazy.

  3. Well, Anonymous

    JFYI. The fact that you signed it "Anonoymous" makes you sound truly COWARDLY. The brand of cowardly that can't give a name to show conviction because that would expose the fact that they're dumb enough to support Paul Bookstaber knowing full well that he was wrong in what he did.

    And the purposeful mispelling of my name - can you get anymore infantile? Pretty much like another doped-up dweeb at The Sword I called on using that trick in their comments. It was pretty dumb of you to tell on yourself there. BUT NOW YOU'RE IN MY DOMAIN, so now it's just fuckheadly stupid. NEXT!!!

  4. You ARE a hypocrite!

    And you're way too precious and self-important for a porn star.

    Nobody cares what you think.

  5. gavin,

    Do you realize how many porn stars that you probably claim to be a fan of that you just insulted with that comment?

    Your comment basically says porn actors should not show the intellect they were blessed with EVER. That's insulting to the many I've come to know that are intelligent like Steve Cruz and the others involved in the "How I Roll" safe-sex campaign.

    I AM precious, and I am important. The same way EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THEMSELVES. And my knowing my importance makes me comfortable in showing my intellect. You obviously don't feel the same, because any handwriting expert will tell you that anyone who writes or types their name in small letters has a self-esteem issue. So your issue isn't really with me seeing myself as precious or important. It's because you envy me for doing so, while you don't do the same for yourself. And for that, and others like you, I feel sorry for you.

    And by the way, people do care what I think. If they didn't, they wouldn't be reading this blog- INCLUDING YOU.

  6. You refer to yourself as a "Porn Star" ... which is hilarious in and of itself. Have you ever even been in a porn, old man?

  7. Seems to be a tempest in a tea-pot. If you write something with a strong opinion, you have to assume there will be blowback. Part of the gig

  8. Anonnie Mouse?

    Even with a play on words, you're still another doped-up chicken shit who decided to stop by and show their stupidity. If I wasn't a porn star, then how did you hear of me?

    And if I'm an old man, at least my brain cells aren't fried by inhalants, my cock can fuck a worthwhile ass, and my own ass can take a big cock - ALL DRUG-FREE. I doubt you can say the same on any of those things regardless of your age. TaTa :-)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. James,

    Let me start by saying I greatly appreciate your concern. I was more than prepared for this. I've been doing this blog for over 3 years now with over 400 posts. So at this point, taking these drugged-up losers on is just a way to kill time for me.

    Plus how many articulate bloggers of color get any notoriety? While there are too many to name out there who deserve mention, for one to get any recognition, especially by saying something logical only makes these jerks more aggravated.

    And I am more than happy to be one of those men of color to piss them off.


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