Monday, November 17, 2008

2 Nights Of Me...Stripped Down With A Smile?

Within the next 48 hours, it will be my next Porno Bingo appearance, and I couldn't be more excited. In preparation for November 19th, I took that day off from my day job so that I'll be well-rested when I arrive. Ready and willing to get stripped down wearing only my skivvies and a smile. I'm also taking the next day off, because (1) I don't plan on going right home, whether alone or with friend(s), I'm hanging out afterwards to celebrate, and (2) I don't really care to see all those whining wannabe-god-attorneys and the pathetically submissive co-workers at the law firm I work at the day after having what I'm sure will be a FUN night.

So remember, Will Clark's PORNO BINGO is held every Wednesday night from 8 - 10 PM at Pieces Bar which is located at 8 Christopher Street (@ 6th Avenue), NYC, with my guest appearance being THIS WEDNESDAY from 8 - 10 PM.

Last week, I was posting bulletins on MySpace, DList, and Facebook telling of my being a competitor in the Monster's Go-Go Idol contest here in NYC. I am progression to the next round, so my Thursday night that I thought was going to be free, isn't anymore. But considering how last week turned out, I'm not complaining.

Because you see, whether I go to the next round or not, as for right now, I'm getting to gawk at some hot guys when I'm backstage. All of whom might I add would be great candidates for my fantasy of being gang-banged by a bunch of go-go boys. So I'm going to ride (not their cocks.... yet, but) this contest out for as long as the judges and the crowd will let me. I mean coming in to stand so close to hotties with fit physiques wearing only either a g-string, briefs, or jockstrap, a horndog like me can't help but get a great start at getting inspired to do a sexy dance. The continued inspiration will come from the audience, so come down, and be my inspiration.

The next week of Go-Go Idol will be held on Thursday night November 20th at The Monster, which is located at 80 Grove Street (@ Sheridan Square) in New York City.

I hope to see you at both events with my pants off ;-)

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