Saturday, September 22, 2007

Stage Names Origins

The last question posed to me on my old blog site was "how did I come up with my porn stage name, and how did I come up with my new one that is the address for this blog site "The L XTreme.

I thought I told this to you guys before. I guess I was mistaken. Maybe I'm confusing writing a comment here with my interview with Owen Keehnen, because I definitely told that story in that interview.My legal first name starts with "L", and The L XTreme is a nickname I gave myself because everytime I take on something new, an extreme measure usually follows to get it accomplished. For example, my losing my virginity by being part of a 5-man orgy. Plus, the L, X, and T of "L XTreme" make up the initials of the stage name I used in mainstream entertainment, and will go back to using when I decided to put the "Tré Xavier" persona to rest.

When I was deciding on a porn stage name, I knew "Xavier" was going to be some part of it, because I always liked the uniqueness of how it starts with the letter "X". So I made it my last name. Then for a first name I decided to break down the "Treme" of "XTreme", and made the name Tre, and to make it more unique and show a degree of education in language not to often displayed in porn, I added the accent. Hence Tré.

Now you know how all my names came about.

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