Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Enter, Thrust, Throb, Cream + backstory

One beauty of having your own laptop keep in the solitude of your room is that you can be as much of a pervert about it as you want to be. Namely, through your wallpaper. For this is a screenshot of the wallpaper I had on my computer at the time my song "Enter, Thrust, Throb, Cream" came to mind.
It's a still from a NextDoor Studios scene in which Michael DelRay tops Scotty Zee. So that's Scotty Zee cute butt.

For me, sex is art. So while this photo does turn me on, I don't stop and jerk off to this pic. I turn on my laptop see the nature-created artistry of a cock inside a nice wanting ass, and get to work.

However, on one particular day, I got up to take a break from a project. In doing so, I closed the web browser and all open windows, leaving me to see just that wallpaper. Suddenly, a subconscious thought came to me. I can tell it was my subconscious because as it reached my conscious mind, its volume slowly increased. It was 4 words said rhythmically describing what was going on in the picture, and the result. I knew that because while I couldn't instantly figure out what the middle 2 words were, I knew the first word was "Enter" and the last was "Cream" - 2 words I use very often when describing the process of sex.

As I thought more about it, I realized the other 2 words were to describe actions that fascinate me during sex. Knowing how I've always been fascinated how penetrative sex is a simple thrusting back and forth that brings one so much euphoric physical pleasure, it should be no surprise how the next word was "Thrust". Followed by the next fascinating thing during sex is the various times a guy's cock will throb as he's getting closer and closer to orgasm and ejaculation. Making the other word "Throb".

With the words now set in their rhythm, next came describing each word's part in sex from the entering of the penis to the ejaculation(s) that often concludes it. And this is the end result a cappella:

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Which Responds Best To The Sounds of Sex?...Lovense or We-Vibe

Even before my exploration into interactive sex toys with Kiiroo, I have always wanted my vibrating sex toys to vibrate in sync with the sounds of sex in the porn I was watching. Mainly those toys that I use anally, which are many.

So when the technology for such vibrating sex toys evolved to having app connections that make the toy vibrate to music, it was only a matter of time before I put my own spin on it.

You see, I was never impressed by the idea of a sex toy vibrating to music. Probably because for me, I want the vibrations to be connected to who I'm fantasizing about. So as much as I'm a Prince fan, and love the song "It" as a song to play during sex, I'm not going to masturbate to its vibrations because I never had a masturbation fantasy about Prince. 

I will admit though that song does work well for that sex toy feature.

Anyway, it took awhile, but eventually I realized that while I didn't want to use music for the syncing vibration with audio feature like it was marketed, I could practice what I always preach....I came up with my own way of using that feature.

The idea probably came to me thanks to Kiiroo. For their Titan syncing with porn is pretty much what I was looking to do with the sync-with-audio feature of my anal toys. Luckily, I had 2 anal sex toys to test my theory with. The Hush by Lovense and the Vector by We-Vibe.

So what were the results of my tests?

Trust me, I love both brands and butt toys. However, when it comes to the sounds of sex, Lovense beats We-Vibe by a wide margin. Hence why I now also own a Lovense Edge, which was after the Hush that I used for this video:

In my testing, I found what gives Lovense the edge is their sensitivity feature. That sensitivity feature makes it more responsive to non-musical sounds, such as those in the title of my compilation: body slaps, bed squeaks, and moans. That is why you were hearing me moan over the sounds of the video. I was feeling (and enjoying) the Hush vibrating in my butt in perfect synchronicity to those sounds in the porn. Hence how I wound up coming close to the same time as Marco Paris.

With We-Vibe, whether the sounds of sex are in an audio track or by using the microphone to hear porn you have playing, you can see the app picking up the sound. However, the app picking it up does not transfer as well to the Vector, if at all. And the changing it from "bass", "mid-range", or "treble" didn't change that much. I figured if anything that the Vector would pick up the sexual sounds if you set it to react to mid-range or treble, but no such luck. For it seems the We-Connect app is meant for picking up the bass, mid-range, and treble of music only.

This review is not condemning We-Vibe's Vector. It is just simply pointing out that it's audio-responses do not respond to the sounds of sex. Everything great I said about the We-Vibe Vector in my initial review of it still remains true.

With that, I leave you with the video compilation that I made for the purpose of this test. Appropriately titled "Body Slaps, Bed Squeaks & Moans".!AklovIuy4VIKgbZdX-5_R21xPtOx9w?e=Q8pNRG

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Suggested Sex Toy Combo: Wanda & Stroke Sleeve


Now that you know how this sex toy combination came about, witness it working and see the end results😉...

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Backstory & What If: "Tales of a Male Straight Porn Actor's Husband"

In case you didn't know or have forgotten, I occasionally write sex articles for the sex toy company Kiiroo. A few months ago however, they asked me for an erotic short story. The one I gave was actually a true story. Recently though, I pitched to them a story that was actual fiction.

The idea was born out of 2 facts I've confessed to when porn is part of my masturbation:

1) I watch more straight porn than gay porn, and;
2) While I'm totally versatile in action, in my fantasies however, I'm more of a bottom.

Keeping those 2 facts in mind, then you are right to conclude that the pleasure one assumes that male is giving that female's vagina is pleasure I'm imagining him giving to my ass.

My masturbation fantasy is usually nothing more than him still being an actor in straight porn. So he has sex will a lot of women, and while I'm the only guy he wants, he is not in a relationship with me. In fact, whether he even has an actual relationship is never part of the fantasy. So since he's having sex with me and those porn starlets, he was definitely bisexual. It's just a matter of what kind of bisexual was he. More gay than straight, more straight than gay, or right down the middle.

In any case, when I decided to build a story around that fantasy, I felt a deeper involvement between the two was more interesting. At first conscious thought, it seemed unbelievable. However, the more I thought about the idea, the more I realized how the fantasy of me, a predominately gay bisexual having sex with a male who does straight porn as expression within a relationship...

This could possibly be someone's reality.

Like I said, for this short story, I made the couple have an actual relationship. Then I upped the ante some more. For the initial story idea was to make my character and the pornstar (whose name is "Zen Massif") boyfriends that had been together for a few years. Then came the last minute idea to up the ante even more so by making us married. It was a means to indicate how while being an unwed couple for a few years shows that you have been through a lot of discovery with each other, getting to the point of marriage means the bond is even stronger. You need such a strong bond if you're going to be involved with someone who is not only in the sex industry as a porn actor, but with whom you have a non-monogamous relationship.

With that in mind, I'm sure many are wondering why would anyone even fantasize, much less actually be so deeply involved with a porn actor. It is because sex between 2 (or more) people truly attracted to each other is a beautiful sight. Especially when the motivation bringing the together are pure. Such as being void of racism, or sexualizing of daddy issues, or glamorizing incest. When absent of such motivations, sex alone or in an orgy has a beauty more than words can describe.  Even if you know one or more of those people are romantically involved with someone else. With that in mind, the thought of watching my significant other being sexual attracted to someone else, pleasuring them that once (twice or occasionally), but always coming home to/with me to pleasure me many times over is a massive turn-on. Also, having that outside person be the means by which you can see the beauty of your partner's sexual motions that you can't see when he is with you, or that you might miss if you have strategically placed mirrors to see yourselves.

Keeping all that in mind, I titled it "Tales of a Male Straight Porn Actor's Husband".

I wrote this story to be more of a preface for more tales to follow. Tales that could easily be adapted to become a porn film. So what if this story was to be adapted to become an actual porn film? With my ownership and pride in this fantasy, the only way a porn adaption would get my blessing is if I played the storyteller. So yes, I would actually come out of my retirement from doing studio-based porn to play that role. And hence why before the story was published, I made my own banner. Even though I knew Kiiroo would make one up themselves.
Now, if I would be playing the storyteller, then who would play my porn stud husband, "Zen Massif"?

Whoever I would approve of, with the exception of being in love with me, the guy playing Zen Massif would have to be a great deal of a real-life version of him. Firstly, he would definitely have to be sexually attracted to me. Because I refuse to fake the chemistry. Also, the guy would have to have shown his bisexual pride by being an out and proud bisexual. He cannot treat his straight or gay side like each side is on a half of a flip-switch. With that side it flips on being triggered only by the weight of dollars placed on it. Instead both his straight and gay side are triggered by the weight of the his prospective sex partner's sexual spirit.

The only way the porn actor can mentally and sexually differ from Zen is how his bisexuality does not have to be predominately gay like Zen and myself. He could be a predominately straight bisexual. Having just enough gay and a lust for me to fuck my ass into oblivion for all the world to see---at least twice.

The "at least twice" is in reference to my doing the aforementioned continuation of the story. That continuation depends on either how well the story is received, or just for my own entertainment. In any case, each part would be a sexual escapade featuring Zen and/or my character either together, or with other people that would also be one scene in a porn flick. And at least 2 of those detailed stories would have Zen with his husband.

Whatever the case, it would not be the overkill of bodies in most bisexual porn movies, especially of today. For most bisexual porn movies today are MMF 3-way after MMF 3-way. You hardly ever see  nowadays how and if the guy behaves differently when he is alone with a male compared to when he is alone with a female. The last time I recall seeing a total 1-on-1 scene within a bisexual porn was in the movie "Semper Bi", and that movie was made over a decade ago. With that in mind, I must sadly surmise that all the MMF scenes in one movie is probably a tactic used to prevent you from seeing when the male porn performer has monetized his sexual orientation. An act that is a total contradiction to the character of Zen that anyone playing him should not do. 
So will those stories happen? Only time will tell. In any case, I do hope you read the erotic story, enjoy it, then let me know if you want some follow-up stories.

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