Friday, May 11, 2018

4 Dicks To Bottom Resurrection

I'm versatile, but it had been awhile since I last bottomed. Long enough of awhile that I had to use one of my sex toys to take the edge off. That says a lot when, truth be told, I rarely use my sex toys. And as you can see, I have a lot of just anal-friendly sex toys alone, and more have been added since the above pic.
One of those nights, I tested my new FemmeFunn Wireless Turbo Baller dildo to twirl around in my ass while I imagined getting pounded by one go-go boy I drool over at The Cock. This was prepping me for Saturday which was a day I was hoping the bottom in me would get resurrected. In fact, it NEEDED to be resurrected.
I go to a private naked party in Jersey just about every month. It was so much fun. Even more so since it is strictly by chance that the 2 hot guys I had sex with....I bottomed for. AND while I'm not a size-queen at all.... those 2 sexy men had the 2 biggest dicks at the party.
But FYI, my bottoming for the night did not stop at that party.
You see, I rode bus to the Port Authority as part of a group of 4. Then I found myself doing something I've never done, and always hated seeing other do. I parted from conversing with the group to focus on my phone. I did so because I got a text, which is highly unlikely for me because of the time (1 AM).

That is unless it a booty call.
As it turned out, it was a member of a couple I've played with before. A couple that put my hole through it months ago by both of them trying to fist me, tag teaming me, having one dick in my mouth and another in my ass, and then double-penetrating me.
I could have ignored the text. However, even though I'm versatile, when I get good dick (like the 2 I had at the Jersey party), I become an insatiable power-bottom. I concede when there are no more givers, but I am always ready if a sexy new arrival comes along. So being hit up by that couple was just the new arrival my hole desired.
So since the 2 dicks I had at the party made me horny as fuck, I was ready and willing to take whatever that couple had planned for me. And I write this post saying that I was also able.

As soon as I entered their place, my clothes were off in no time. With tasting both of their cocks in my mouth, and their tongues on my asshole. Wetting it and teasing it of the pleasure soon to come by the head of their amazing cocks passing through. Followed by them putting me in every position. From tag-teaming me doggy-style and missionary while the other watched; to doing doggy style with a dick in my asshole and another in my mouth. Then came what I knew the 2 monster cocks I took at the Jersey party prepared me for ----- being double-penetrated.

Since one of the couple was a tad darker than me while the other was lighter, part of my sexual bliss was born out of being the center of a sexy skin rainbow. A sight not enough in the American gay community look to welcome, especially at parties. It's what can often make more intimate gatherings like this more appealing.

With that, the sex ended with each of them having me on my stomach. I could feel my ass cheeks be a pleasing cushion to each of their hard and fast inward thrusts. Burying their cocks as deep into my ass as possible. The sweat from their bodies rubbing against me. And with my love of wet naked bodies, I had no complaints. They both filled their condoms with a good load of jizz. And my male ego was sweetly stroked by catching the slightest glimpse of what had been accomplished by the tightness and flexing of my hole.

Thanks to the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority), with all of its transfers because of weekend track work, my train ride home took an eternity. And after all of that sex, great sex, I was exhausted.

Exhausted, but without one bit of shame. Because of that, I could hear the stanza from my poem "Strut of No Shame" that reads:

I’ll leave not walking, but strutting with no shame
Reeking of sex
Wearing it proud like it’s cologne
Proud of the scent’s effects
Smelling of pheromones, sweet cum,
Salty sweat, and happy tears
I’ll see people turn up their noses  

And I will have no shame or fears

For I spent the night with 4 guys putting their amazing cocks in my ass. 4 guys working up a sweat by thrusting, pounding, throbbing, (and some) then cumming because of my hole. All of that sweat on me, and I never showered before leaving Jersey or after I left the couple that DP'd me. So all that accumulated musk was on me.

Because of the time of the night, the trains were not crowded. However, even with a wool trenchcoat on, someone might have caught a whiff of something. And if anyone did, daring to make a face, I would have simply wrote off their being "appalled" as them covering up their envy.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sex Toy Review: FemmeFunn Wireless Turbo Baller

For some time now, I have been suggesting to The Pleasure Chest that they carry FemmeFunn products. I don’t recall the exact reason they gave me as to why my 1st suggestion was not accepted at the time. However, once I saw them start to carry the FemmeFunn bullet, I took a trip to the FemmeFunn website, saw the Wireless Turbo Baller, and decided to give suggesting a FemmeFunn toy to The Pleasure Chest another try. 

This time, they listened.

And the day they put it on the store shelf, I immediately bought one. Now, I had to learn as to whether or not my suggestion was going to hit the more ways than one.

I already saw one of FemmeFunn's rabbit vibrator with its vortex motion, so I was a bit prepared for what the Wireless Turbo Baller was going to do motion-wise. Speaking of "motion-wise", it has 8 motion and vibration patterns. What do those 8 patterns look like? Just watch the video below:

I'm sure many of you are thinking those motions are a bit too much to be inside you. Well, think again. Please keep in mind that the Wireless Turbo Baller will be restricted in doing the motions displayed in the video to such an extreme because it will be surrounded by the  walls of either your vagina or rectum.

I've said "Wireless Turbo Baller" a number of times in this review thus far. However, I have not mentioned the purpose of that name. It's because the button with the 2 F's are its turbo function. Making the toy do rapid 360º spins for 10 seconds. I personally found the sensation from that sudden and extreme change in speed to be quite exciting.

However you play with FemmeFunn's Wireless Turbo Baller, there is no need for concern about cleaning it after. For it is made of silicone, which is non-porous. Therefore, it won't hold bacteria. You can wash it with either a body-safe soap, or a toy cleaner. Be mindful though that you should not use silicone lube on a silicone toy. For the lube will break down the toy, thereby voiding your warranty.

It's also good for play in the shower or bath because it is also 100% waterproof. And with its suction at the base, it can easily be stuck onto most smooth surfaces, like a room wall or bathroom tile.

If you didn't surmise it by now, the fact  that you can take this toy in the shower or bath might make you assume that it is void of a battery compartment. And you would be right. For the Wireless Turbo Baller is rechargeable.

The aforementioned 8 motion and vibration patters of the FemmeFunn Wireless Turbo Baller can also be controlled by a remote. This remote allows for couples play, and/or more hands-free masturbation. And while most remotes with a rechargeable toy do require a battery, like the sex toy it controls, the FemmeFunn Wireless Turbo Baller's remote is also rechargeable.

Taking all of that into account, if this sex toy review was done via my Nude Dude Review, I would be stripped down to some skimpy underwear by the end of the video.

So in short, I highly recommend FemmeFunn's Wireless Turbo Baller.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sex Party Review: IncubusNYC

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 was the 2nd party for IncubusNYC.
I actually went to the 1st one, but I wanted more experience before giving a critique. For the 1st one gave me some concerns. Not because of the party's premise. Instead, it was more so as to whether or not NYC was ready for such a party, since NYC has been losing its sexual edge over the past few years.

IncubusNYC is a party that is inviting of many kinks such as cosplay, pup play, and forms of BDSM. My aforementioned concern was how no one was partaking of that great kink option. I had my Maleficent horns in my bag just in case I saw anyone doing some kind of cosplay. Unfortunately, even with a decent number of guys there, no one was doing any such thing. So I left the horns in my bag. Leaving the only level of kink that I displayed being me wearing my Bull cockring by Oxballs.

In spite of this let down by the crowd, I did have some fun. Such as the hungry little Latino who craved my cock a number of times. Getting my dick in his ass, and the soft horns of that Bull cockring poking his ass cheeks with each of my thrusts. Also, the white guy who later on wanted me to fuck him while he was 69ing the Latino.

I topped off my night with a tall, gorgeous guy in a baseball cap and jockstrap who saw me checking out his bubble butt. He offered it to me by assuming the position to entice me, both the head above my shoulders and the head below my waist decided that saying "No" was not an option.

This past week, I attended their 2nd party. The crowd was mostly white and light Latino. I was for a good while the only Black guy there, and there was maybe one Asian. This bunch didn't seem to know each other, but they stuck to that color and ethnic combo scheme of playing only with whites and light Latinos. I was about to consider the night a bust and leave when I saw a number of guys preparing to leave. Thinking to myself, "Good riddance!"

I rethought about leaving in hopes of a new wave of guys coming in. It turns out, that was a good idea.

This next wave seemed to be more into displaying the diversity in the kink that this party was marketed to allow. Such as the couple who was actually there in the 1st wave of guys who later brought out their gear to do some flogging.

Before this however, en route to the restroom, I saw these 3 young guys getting undressed. I looked at the 2 shorter guys, and thought, "Nice asses!" I got a little glimpse of their faces, and thought they were cute. However, a chance to really look at their faces never happened. Because when I came out of the restroom,...those 2 of the 3 were wearing puppy hoods. One blue. One red.

I have never really seen pup play before. I've seen some of what it entails (no pun intended) in regards to giving commands, but not when it comes to any form of sex.

On the upper level, I was standing where one would stand if they made an immediate left after coming up the stairs. This is where a couple of yards away, I got a quick look at the 2 pups fucking. One was fucking the other from behind. Afterwards, as they walked away to go back downstairs, the one who was bottoming ran his hand across my stomach. I reached back to graze and feel his smooth thigh, even though I wanted to feel more. I resisted because unless both guys make such a move on me, or one touches while the other gives a come-hither look, I feel like I'm intruding. And at that time it was evident that only one of them might have been interested in playing with me. However, a little while later, that changed.

Walking around, I saw the 2 young pups again. This time, they were sucking each other off. I was wondering how was that possible with their hoods on. Because I had never seen puppy hoods that before, so I was unaware if there was anyno access to the mouth. With that being the case, I was also wondering how they were kissing.

During a break from their sucking, an older white male went over to them to start sucking on them. No hesitation whatsoever concerning himself with if he might be intruding or not. I learned firsthand that he had little regard in pacing himself to see if his intended prey wanted to actually be his prey. Lucky for him, the pups did allow him to come over to him. However, that was also the point when they started looking at me more.

I thought the pups might have been checking me out while they were going down on each other. but I was unsure. What made me unsure were the dim lights, the shadows over their eyes from their hoods, and no other body language. It wasn't until the white guy went down on them, and I went in for a closer look that there was no mistaking of their interest in me.

This time, it was the one who was topping in their fuck session earlier who looked at me. He moved his right hand a little bit away from his body as I stroked my cock. As I stepped a little closer, he let me reach down for his cock. I then went to my knees, and started sucking him off. He got rock hard in my mouth. He barked out a few "Woof"s in his pleasure of my cocksucking skills. He also started to reach behind me to feel my ass, and to of all things, finger me, which I usually hate. Well obviously, this time that was not the case. For not only did I let him finger me, but I also made my hole give his finger a little squeeze to show what kind of massage his (or his boyfriend's) dick would get if either of them used it to replace that finger.

At some point, he stopped to kiss me. I thought that was impossible with that hood. I braced myself for whatever he was going to do to try simulating a kiss. Next thing I knew, his lips and mine were connected. For his hood was not like the one single puppy hood I've seen up close. It had a space for the mouth to be out.

At another point, he stopped and passed me over to his boyfriend so he would know why he was making so many doggy sounds in pleasure. The boyfriend soon found out as well as I was then sucking on him.

Soon after, I found myself back with the one I was originally sucking on. Only this time, he decided to return the favor by sucking on me. He sucked on me a good long time. Good enough to not lose my hard-on. Nor did I get bored. He also spanked my ass with the spanks getting increasingly harder. And me getting increasingly hornier knowing that part of the draw for him was the softness of my bubbly ass against the palm of his hand.

Some degree to my chagrin, neither of those pups put their dick in my ass. I say some degree because even though we didn't fuck, I left quite satisfied without shooting a bit of jizz. That pup's blowjob however sure did make my dickhead wet with pre-cum. So yes, I left with a smile on my face.

My 2 visits to IncubusNYC thus far have made it progress from being another regular sex party on its 1st night, to another regular sex party during the beginning of its 2nd night, then morphing into the kink-appreciative party it was intended to be during the other half of that 2nd night. Such progress of action shows promise in the parties success. So I do hope that as IncubusNYC progresses to the point that more gay New Yorkers partake of what the party was meant to allow, and do so at an earlier part of the night. Even though it does happen on Wednesdays, which is a crap-shoot night in regards to success for most gay parties in the city.
You would think that would be a guarantee night, because after all, Wednesday is Hump Day. So if you find yourself wanting to make Wednesday live up to its nickname during on the 3rd and 4th Wednesday of the month, and you're open-minded to be in the midst of various forms of kink, here's one idea of where you can go. For the premise of the party is great. So it's up to us kinky New Yorkers and our kinky visitors to show how much that premise works for us.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I'm Nearing Half a Century,....NOT Nearing Ugly, Asexual, or Impotent

Especially by gay nightlife and gay media, being 30+ is treated like a death sentence. Well, as I turn 47 on March 31, 2018, this is my decree as to how I beg to differ and why.

Hot Guys Fuck

Lust Cinema

Fleshlight Launch