Friday, July 13, 2018

The Expected Porn Return Fail, Courtesy of Treasure Island

Back in May, Treasure Island Media tweeted a request for models. I clicked on the link and applied. With all that I have said about the gay porn industry, I'm sure you're wondering why I would do such a thing. Did my desperation for validation return with such a vengeance that I chose to put myself through all that I've said bad about the gay porn industry all over again? Am I that pressed for cash? Or is it a combination of both?

The answer to all of those possibilities is actually a loud and echoing NOOOOOO!!!

I did it partly because due to my firsthand experience in the porn industry, I was feeling I wouldn't be able to further justify my annoyance without trying to get back in it again for a brief moment. Even though standing on the outside looking in as I have been since I announced my retirement in 2009, I see many signs to let me know I made the right decision. But still, I wanted some firsthand confirmation. So as long as I still have a good look, I thought why not go for it. Besides, after all that I have said about the industry and them, the worst they could do is say "No".

Well actually, I filled  out the application on a Friday afternoon (May 11th), and got an email the following Monday morning (May 14th) a little before 9:30 asking me to come in to make an audition video on May 25th. I responded that I was okay with this, and all I needed in response was an exact place and time. A number of days passed with no response. Then after asking again on May 22nd, I finally got a response saying:

Hey LeNair, 

First off let me apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I was out of the office for the better part of last week. 

I reviewed your application with Max Sohl. 
Based on your past interactions together, he has decided decline your application. 

I am sorry for any inconvenience and wish you the best of luck going forward.

With that response, instead of me asking you to read through an entire old blog post to let you know the exactness of that past interaction with Treasure Island Media director, Max Sohl, here are the 1st and 2nd paragraphs of the blog post "Seeking The Silver In The TIM Dim Cloud" that explains it exactly:

"At the end of February, I was attempting to make a brief return to porn. The studio was Treasure Island Media where in one email  to describe the shoot said they were "treating it like a paid audition" with a group of 5 or 6 guys who were all versatile and ready, willing and able to flip-fuck --- and it was a total bust. I can't speak for the others, but for me, I could not perform with someone's body odor reeking in the room. Especially when we were instructed to wear deodorant. As far as I knew, this was not supposed to be a bear shoot where stench is looked upon as a badge of honor. Yet instead of the director telling the person with the body odor to either 'hit the showers, or hit the road', we all had to try to endure that stench, which intensified as the heat in a hotel room rose because of NO AIR CONDITIONING.

This is why if I make an official return to porn, I'm sticking to my rule of knowing my scene partner beforehand, because I let that rule slide once since making it, and look what happens! Had I known this guy would be there I would have probably bailed on the idea of working with him, because I've worked with that guy before at a live appearance, and seen him at parties, and body odor was something I experienced EVERYTIME while being near him..."

So with this incident as my and Max Sohl's past interaction, what is the other reason as to why I took a chance and applied to Treasure Island Media?

It's because, first of all, time has passed. Me and Max Sohl both have had 8 1/4 years to look back on that incident, and ask ourselves if our position during that incident should have been different. Now, over my years of blogging, I have owned up to a good number of my missteps in judgement. However, for the reasons I stated in that old blog post, I had no reason to change. In fact, me changing from that position would be me lowering my standards, and going back to being the stereotypical prey of the sex industry. That prey being the disenfranchised, marginalized, broken, unloved, and self-loathing because of being the aforementioned. All of which are easily manipulated by all parts of the sex industry. From prostitution, to porn, and even sex retail. And me allowing that would be me undoing  all the maturing I have done to give me this much more sense.

This brings me to Max Sohl. He is entitled to not changing or growing. However, it shows an ongoing failure in his character. One that is too common among most porn directors and other heads in the sex industry overall. Making them the predators that they too often are. Thereby justifying the negative stigma about them.

I can't say verbatim, but I can come very close to verbatim as to how on the model application, as I said in the beginning of this post, I made it very clear that I said disparaging things about the porn industry and their company in the past. I also said to them that me accepting an offer from them would be a step in undoing some of the negatives that I have said about the industry and them, and I would be willing to publicly state that.

These statements were clear as day in the comment section of my model application. With that being the case,...

Why was I even offered an audition before my application reached the eyes of Max Sohl?
It's because of a very common unorganized sequence I have found in the porn industry. So if I wanted that firsthand confirmation of the gay porn industry still being fucked up, I guess I got it proven with that move from them.

Perhaps Treasure Island Media had that much trust in this casting director, Kyle's judgement. Even so, if you read something from a model application where the applicant admits to saying bad things about the company, common sense should tell you to not give a "yay" or "nay" to the applicant about anything in the casting process until after you have spoken to a higher positioned person. Namely, the higher positioned person those disparaging statements are about. That common sense move was not done here. So my time and professionalism in getting the schedule right was wasted.

If so much as an audition video had happened, I know me returning in front of any studio's camera would raise some eyebrows to those who remember me as "Tre Xavier". It would have been a move that my fans and followers now, which may actually include anti-porn activists, would want to know why.

Even though it's rare, there are times in the porn industry that a big fallout between porn actor and porn company happen, and a reconciliation happens later on down the line. So why wasn't the situation between Treasure Island Media's Max Sohl and myself one of those cases?

Could it be because being that I wasn't what he sees as a "draw"?

After all, if you look at Treasure Island Media's record of black models, it's no different than most white-owned predominately white/light casting porn studios. Having more than 90% of the black males they use playing what I've long referred to as a "gorilla nigger" top to some white and light-complexioned person of color. Fetishizing low self-esteem having black males for a profit. And all that I have stated about the industry, my goal to be a versatile Black man still celebrating bottoming with any color, and my own sexual performance shows that even if I topped for any studio's camera, I would not play that gorilla nigger role. For such a role is a downgrade of me (and anyone who plays it) as a man, and makes one's presence a disrespect to sex overall. Lastly, even with their name in the title and photo on the DVD cover, bottoms in porn are treated as lesser beings primed for abuse. This is especially true of Treasure Island Media, which since this incident I realize is adding substance abuse to their list of abuses. So part of my applying was to give them a more respectable display of bottoms.

In addition to my not playing that negative racist role, the fact that I as an adult entertainer have enough self-esteem to lay down such laws for myself very likely also makes them (and most other porn companies) unwilling to deal with me. Especially when they are white and the knowledge and strength of that potential model is wrapped in medium to dark brown skin, like mine. For it shows that I'm not the sex industry's usual target when a predator is in charge. You see, while I may be part of a group that is disenfranchised and marginalized, I do not present myself as being hurt or broken by it. And that makes the stereotypical predatory head of a sex industry business very uneasy.

I had hoped to see that Max Sohl had grown up, and taken ownership of his fuck-ups in that old situation. As we can see, such is not the case. And it is most likely because porn actors low enough on self-esteem keep coming back. Enduring whatever unpleasant and unhealthy conditions he throws them in,, instead of challenging him to do better by them.

Some of you are probably thinking that my calling out guys in the porn industry out like this is why less and less porn companies wanted to work with me, and would not consider taking me in today fi I tried harder for a return to the industry. Well years ago, Chris Steele of Jet Set Men tried saying the same thing to me about not working with me because of all I've said about Tyson Cane's antics on porn sets. And in response, I told Chris' dumb ass the same thing I'm telling yours...

What I've put folks on blast for in the porn industry are acts of ignorance. If you have enough faith in your character, then you know that you would never do the dumb shit I put someone on blast for. Therefore, you would have nothing to be worried about in working with me. So such a statement says more about your lack of integrity and faith in your own humanity than it does about my work ethic and sense of self-worth.

Proof of that statement being true is Ben Marksman, the director of one of my last movies "All Out Assault". After initially meeting at The Gay Erotic Expo of 2007, I gave him this blog's address citing certain posts to tell him what I had experienced in the industry by that point, and what those instances made me come to decide to work with and not work with. So he became fully aware of all I've said about the many directors by name while we were in talks about working together. And he still hired me. Why? Because he had enough faith in his own integrity and character to know that he would never do those things. And that humanity is why he is the only person I met while in the gay porn industry that I am still friends with today.

So you see, I am aware that there are some, but too few decent people in the porn industry.

In closing, if I seem angered by all of this, know that "anger" is not the right word. The correct word is disappointed. Disappointed in the fact that I was once again right about an ill within the adult entertainment industry. You see, as much as most people (including myself) normally want to be right, this is a situation that I would like to for once publicly admit to being wrong. But this outcome shows that day is not today.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Sexy Party Review - High + Tight: The 2nd Coming

Sex parties to celebrate Gay Pride! Not at all a new concept. And not at all an unwarranted one. After all, one of the aspects of Gay Pride to be free to have sex with whichever gender you want without persecution.

With that however, comes a responsibility to each other. Such as not behaving in a way to make your fellow man feel less than. Especially, over a natural occurrence such as skin color. Well, it seems like the most white and light Latinos at High + Tight: The 2nd Coming didn't get that memo.

At first, I thought it was just me. For everyone who is often approached and flirted with has an off night, and vice versa. But I felt an ugly energy in the air there. The ugly energy of sexual racism. An ugly energy I forgot about feeling at the last High + Tight party because it was such awhile back. So this night  caused a flashback.

However, since I didn't want to be right about my criticism, because that was then, and this is now, I used the one tactic that would prove me right, even though I wanted to be proven wrong... I looked at other Black males in the room to see how they were fairing.

I disappointingly discovered they were also being rejected. To be more exact, Blacks and Asians there were about 95% of the time either treated like they were invisible, or they were used as ego-boosting strokers and fluffers, then discarded. But seldom did anyone have sex with a Black guy there.

Such a case was this skinny white guy with glasses. I kept feeling myself being watched. I turned around to see a husky Black guy giving a blowjob to this skinny white guy. The feeling of being watched was because the white guy was looking at me while getting his blowjob. Besides my being bothered by how I was being gawked at while they're getting a blowjob from someone else, Something still felt off. So I went closer to him. Once I got closer. He tried acting like I wasn't there. So it was all a ploy. He had a Black guy on his dick, and another Black guy he felt he drew in. So he was using us 2 Black guys to stroke his ego. This was something I saw among the patrons at High + Tight: The 2nd Coming A LOT!

While it's an ugly ploy, it is an understandable one from these creatures. As I said in a recent comment to an article on NewNowNext, many gay white males are incredibly insecure. Not a surprise when you're put on a man-made pedestal, especially a racist one. You make every other color feel "less than" so they won't contend with you always being in fear of falling off that pedestal. However, the white guilt of life on that pedestal makes those controlling media make us Blacks into sexual superheroes. This doesn't excuse or lessen the ugliness of using someone solely to stroke their ego out of some racist jealousy. So let's leave Karma to deal with them on that.

This idea of using someone of a certain color, ethnicity, and/or body type only as a stroker or fluffer, but not as a sexual prospect is an ugly common practice among those endorsed as epitomes of beauty by gay media, porn, and nightlife. That means white, light-skinned Latinos, and gymrat blacks. With the commonality of which color does it most often being in that order. Seeing many white guys do this is over and over and over again at NY Jock Party/GBU events is why I stopped going there. So if High + Tight promoters that get their shit together, they will be the next party I suggest being on my Miss List.

In short, such behavior at High & Tight shows its name should be changed to "Racist & White". Therefore, instead of it having a "2nd coming", it should have stayed gone.

Well, I'm glad to say that the next night I went to CumUnion. And based on my experience there...

CumUnion picked up where High + Tight fucked up!!!

For early on, unlike at High & Tight, I saw guys of all sizes and colors getting action at CumUnion. Sure, there were some who were still assholes. In fact, I saw a few guys from that High + Tight party at this CumUnion party. But overall, this crowd showed itself to have someone for everyone. And in a city as diverse as New York City, such a crowd shows that a promoter is doing their job. They're not catering to their little clonish clique with a Pre-Civil Right Movement color approval rating as to what is sexy. An attitude that was all too evident at High + Tight. Hence why I wrote this Facebook post that Saturday:

With that said, the promoters of High + Tight have a lot of work to do. For starters, being open-minded enough to learn and know that in a mecca of diversity like NYC, and at a diversity-inviting space The Cock has grown into, one should create a  party that is all inclusive. Not limiting your crowd to being only the porn clones and colors you want to fuck. If you want that party, keep it in the close-mindedness of your home, or the lacking diversity of your hometown, but...


Friday, May 11, 2018

4 Dicks To Bottom Resurrection

I'm versatile, but it had been awhile since I last bottomed. Long enough of awhile that I had to use one of my sex toys to take the edge off. That says a lot when, truth be told, I rarely use my sex toys. And as you can see, I have a lot of just anal-friendly sex toys alone, and more have been added since the above pic.
One of those nights, I tested my new FemmeFunn Wireless Turbo Baller dildo to twirl around in my ass while I imagined getting pounded by one go-go boy I drool over at The Cock. This was prepping me for Saturday which was a day I was hoping the bottom in me would get resurrected. In fact, it NEEDED to be resurrected.
I go to a private naked party in Jersey just about every month. It was so much fun. Even more so since it is strictly by chance that the 2 hot guys I had sex with....I bottomed for. AND while I'm not a size-queen at all.... those 2 sexy men had the 2 biggest dicks at the party.
But FYI, my bottoming for the night did not stop at that party.
You see, I rode bus to the Port Authority as part of a group of 4. Then I found myself doing something I've never done, and always hated seeing other do. I parted from conversing with the group to focus on my phone. I did so because I got a text, which is highly unlikely for me because of the time (1 AM).

That is unless it a booty call.
As it turned out, it was a member of a couple I've played with before. A couple that put my hole through it months ago by both of them trying to fist me, tag teaming me, having one dick in my mouth and another in my ass, and then double-penetrating me.
I could have ignored the text. However, even though I'm versatile, when I get good dick (like the 2 I had at the Jersey party), I become an insatiable power-bottom. I concede when there are no more givers, but I am always ready if a sexy new arrival comes along. So being hit up by that couple was just the new arrival my hole desired.
So since the 2 dicks I had at the party made me horny as fuck, I was ready and willing to take whatever that couple had planned for me. And I write this post saying that I was also able.

As soon as I entered their place, my clothes were off in no time. With tasting both of their cocks in my mouth, and their tongues on my asshole. Wetting it and teasing it of the pleasure soon to come by the head of their amazing cocks passing through. Followed by them putting me in every position. From tag-teaming me doggy-style and missionary while the other watched; to doing doggy style with a dick in my asshole and another in my mouth. Then came what I knew the 2 monster cocks I took at the Jersey party prepared me for ----- being double-penetrated.

Since one of the couple was a tad darker than me while the other was lighter, part of my sexual bliss was born out of being the center of a sexy skin rainbow. A sight not enough in the American gay community look to welcome, especially at parties. It's what can often make more intimate gatherings like this more appealing.

With that, the sex ended with each of them having me on my stomach. I could feel my ass cheeks be a pleasing cushion to each of their hard and fast inward thrusts. Burying their cocks as deep into my ass as possible. The sweat from their bodies rubbing against me. And with my love of wet naked bodies, I had no complaints. They both filled their condoms with a good load of jizz. And my male ego was sweetly stroked by catching the slightest glimpse of what had been accomplished by the tightness and flexing of my hole.

Thanks to the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority), with all of its transfers because of weekend track work, my train ride home took an eternity. And after all of that sex, great sex, I was exhausted.

Exhausted, but without one bit of shame. Because of that, I could hear the stanza from my poem "Strut of No Shame" that reads:

I’ll leave not walking, but strutting with no shame
Reeking of sex
Wearing it proud like it’s cologne
Proud of the scent’s effects
Smelling of pheromones, sweet cum,
Salty sweat, and happy tears
I’ll see people turn up their noses  

And I will have no shame or fears

For I spent the night with 4 guys putting their amazing cocks in my ass. 4 guys working up a sweat by thrusting, pounding, throbbing, (and some) then cumming because of my hole. All of that sweat on me, and I never showered before leaving Jersey or after I left the couple that DP'd me. So all that accumulated musk was on me.

Because of the time of the night, the trains were not crowded. However, even with a wool trenchcoat on, someone might have caught a whiff of something. And if anyone did, daring to make a face, I would have simply wrote off their being "appalled" as them covering up their envy.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sex Toy Review: FemmeFunn Wireless Turbo Baller

For some time now, I have been suggesting to The Pleasure Chest that they carry FemmeFunn products. I don’t recall the exact reason they gave me as to why my 1st suggestion was not accepted at the time. However, once I saw them start to carry the FemmeFunn bullet, I took a trip to the FemmeFunn website, saw the Wireless Turbo Baller, and decided to give suggesting a FemmeFunn toy to The Pleasure Chest another try. 

This time, they listened.

And the day they put it on the store shelf, I immediately bought one. Now, I had to learn as to whether or not my suggestion was going to hit the more ways than one.

I already saw one of FemmeFunn's rabbit vibrator with its vortex motion, so I was a bit prepared for what the Wireless Turbo Baller was going to do motion-wise. Speaking of "motion-wise", it has 8 motion and vibration patterns. What do those 8 patterns look like? Just watch the video below:

I'm sure many of you are thinking those motions are a bit too much to be inside you. Well, think again. Please keep in mind that the Wireless Turbo Baller will be restricted in doing the motions displayed in the video to such an extreme because it will be surrounded by the  walls of either your vagina or rectum.

I've said "Wireless Turbo Baller" a number of times in this review thus far. However, I have not mentioned the purpose of that name. It's because the button with the 2 F's are its turbo function. Making the toy do rapid 360º spins for 10 seconds. I personally found the sensation from that sudden and extreme change in speed to be quite exciting.

However you play with FemmeFunn's Wireless Turbo Baller, there is no need for concern about cleaning it after. For it is made of silicone, which is non-porous. Therefore, it won't hold bacteria. You can wash it with either a body-safe soap, or a toy cleaner. Be mindful though that you should not use silicone lube on a silicone toy. For the lube will break down the toy, thereby voiding your warranty.

It's also good for play in the shower or bath because it is also 100% waterproof. And with its suction at the base, it can easily be stuck onto most smooth surfaces, like a room wall or bathroom tile.

If you didn't surmise it by now, the fact  that you can take this toy in the shower or bath might make you assume that it is void of a battery compartment. And you would be right. For the Wireless Turbo Baller is rechargeable.

The aforementioned 8 motion and vibration patters of the FemmeFunn Wireless Turbo Baller can also be controlled by a remote. This remote allows for couples play, and/or more hands-free masturbation. And while most remotes with a rechargeable toy do require a battery, like the sex toy it controls, the FemmeFunn Wireless Turbo Baller's remote is also rechargeable.

Taking all of that into account, if this sex toy review was done via my Nude Dude Review, I would be stripped down to some skimpy underwear by the end of the video.

So in short, I highly recommend FemmeFunn's Wireless Turbo Baller.

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